Happy Friday! Week two down at the new job and I finally am starting to feel settled. Wedding plans have been coming along nicely and my Etsy card is filling up as I find fun details for our special day. I keep dreaming that it’s the big day but nothing is done yet and honestly, between Kendall’s eagerness to plan, my awesome mom, my team of ‘maids, and the fact that I’ve been planning this day forever~ I’ll be fiiiiine.

I also wanted to say thank you again for the amazing support I got on my post about siblings who have lost siblings. I have amazing people in my life who have shown nothing but openness and understanding. Thank you, thank you, for checking out my little slice of the world and letting me totally show my soul.

Climbing Earrings

Lately on The CaroLøve:

There have been some GREAT blog posts from other amazing ladies this week:

Dana talked engagement and why it matters. This is great for both bloggers and people trying to understand bloggers.

Alissa described my. exact. issues. with clothes. It’s hard to be short and curvy and have a big bust and find clothes that fit. It feels like most of the time that clothes are both too big and too small at the same time. It’s great that for this post she’s wearing almost the red version of my engagement dress.

I don’t consider myself a bridezilla- in fact on of my bridesmaids’ mom thanked me for naht being that. Am I super excited and in total plan mode and maybe a little obnoxious? Absolutely. But there is one thing that will make me rage. Shell’s post says it all: DO {CLAP} NOT {CLAP} WEAR {CLAP} WHITE {CLAP} to a wedding that is not yours. Do not wear white adjacent colors to a wedding that is not yours (unless the brides makes you wear an ivory gown as her bridesmaid). If you have to ask if the dress is appropriate, DON’T WEAR IT. I’m saying this to anyone who is coming to my own wedding: my Auntie Steph + Tiffy will kick you TF out. I have been in/ involved in so many weddings and that day is my day. End rant. Love you. ‘Zilla moment over.

I’m on of those crazy people who is holding my breath waiting for fall. Groopdealz already has a great selection for Halloween!

J. Crew Factory is having an extra 50% off clearance sale. But it’s in stores only– so get to one!

TJ Maxx has a new online department: lingerie!

Mini Bags are back (or did they ever go away?) and Henri Bendel has some of the cutest lil thangs I’ve ever seen!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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