Happy Friday… the 13th! The creeper that I am on the inside is so excited that this October has a Friday the 13th. Tonight, we’re sending off Roxanne with a little goodbye bash at the Hawthorne and best wishes for her move to Chicago! Then tomorrow is my 10 year high school reunion at Town Hall. Can I just say 1. ew when did I get this old? and 2. my old self is thrilled that the reunion is walking distance from my apartment! I kind of can’t wait to see a couple of my best girls from St. Andrew’s and introduce Kendall to a few of the guys I’ve stayed in touch with.

Hocus Pocus Amock 8×10 digital print

Lately on the The CaroLøve:

I obv had to premier the witchy print above for Friday the 13th, but don’t forget that 20% of sales from my Marie print will go to Girls on the Rise for October’s Bullying Prevention Month!

Have you heard about the Coach name change? What do you think? (I hate it.)

No plans for little lions quite yet, but I would so take parenting advice from Dave Grohl’s mom.

Sorry Kendall, but there are actual psychological reasons I can’t stop won’t stop watching the Real Housewives franchise.

If you’re looking to donate to California in the wake of the fires, Naked Wines is collecting funds to help folks now and after the flames have died. Naked Wines actually supports family vineyards always and are ramping up their efforts to keep those vineyards alive through the fires and beyond.


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