First Friday of November and I managed a TGIF post- this bodes well for the rest of the month. It’s going to be a crazy time leading up to the holidizzles, but an exciting one! We have our cake tasting this month, we’re seeing Iliza again, Thanksgiving, another wedding… all good things!

Pie Till I Die Shirt

Lately on The CaroLøve:

If you’re a Stranger Things fan, I really hope you’re following this twitter account.

No idea how I started following Alissa but I love her posts! How cute is her bar cart?

Speaking of prettiness for homes- woof. West Elm. You’ve outdone yourself with this duvet cover! One day, when I have a guest room, it’ll be pink.

In my perusal of Amazon where I just have a never-ending wish list that I rarely actually buy from- I found a Millennial Pink list. I have lots of thoughts about this which I will put in a whole other post but I’m just super loving this color.

I finally jumped on the loafer slide train with the Siena Haircalf Bow Loafer Slides. I got mine half off free but that’s a story for another time when I can get my life together and do an outfit shoot.

Put on the list of things I absolutely don’t need- China “paper” cups from Tiffany. via Town & Country

I <3 Hocus Pocus as much as the next witch, but what if it isn’t really a good movie? via Entertainment Weekly

Have a great weekend!



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