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Some destinations are fantastic for a single reason. Amsterdam has its architecture; Paris has its culture, Greece has its ancient history. But then there are the other places. The places that, no matter what, you always seem to discover something different. The kinds of places that, for lack of a better phrase, really do seem to “have it all.” Those are the places that keep you coming back year after year, never running out of incredible things to see and do. Thailand is definitely one of those places. For a lot of travelers, the sheer breadth of things that this Southeast Asian country has to offer is simply staggering. With so much on offer it can be hard even to know where to start. Fortunately, there are some places that you definitely need to visit. Here are just a few reasons why Thailand really does have it all.

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The people

Thailand is often called “the land of smiles” and there’s a good reason for that. Anyone who has visited Thailand will tell you just how blown away they were by the hospitality on display. The people of Thailand are kind, friendly and genuine. They’re more than happy to help any travelers will often go out of their way to make sure that your time there is as wonderful as possible.

The culture

There are few countries where the spirituality and culture are so readily on display. The majority of people in Thailand are Buddhists, and this is very apparent when you see the sheer amount of sacred sites, temples, monuments and Buddha’s that are located across the country. For anyone who is interested in the history and culture of the place that they are visiting, Thailand has some of the richest and most vibrant cultures you will ever come across.

the carolove the-ultimate-asian-getaway-why-thailand-really-does-have-everything

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The food

As with a lot of Asian food, you might think you know what Thai food is really like, but until you’ve tried the street food in any of Thailand’s bustling cities, you really don’t. Even if you’re not usually one for spicy food, you’re sure to be totally blown away by the sheer richness and complexity of flavor that the food in Thailand has. Not only that but the food is rarely particularly expensive either.

The beaches

While they might not be the first thing that jumps to mind when you think of Thailand, the beaches there are some of the lushest and most relaxing in the world. Not only that but they’re often very easy to reach. Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya, its nearest beach, is easier than it’s ever been, meaning that you can get from the bustling city to the golden sands in no time.

The price

You might think that a destination this extraordinary must come with a seriously hefty price tag right? There are, of course, some wonderful luxury resorts across the country, but if you’re looking to make your money last, plenty of the cheaper hotels, bars and restaurants are incredible quality and are sure to make your money last for a surprisingly long time.


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