Top Tips For Embracing The Boho Look This Spring

Heading into spring and summer, it’s nice to be able to embrace our inner hippy and enjoy the floaty, beautiful fabric and festival chic styles that the warmer weather allows us. The light, flowing material is inherently flattering and feminine, covering a multitude of sins, and the accessories are to die for – there’s certainly a good reason that boho chic seems to be here to stay. If you want to embrace the look, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some staple pieces to get your hands on.

Island Maxi Skirt

Floaty skirts

It’s all about the floor-length, floaty skirt in all manner of beautiful and striking patterns. Coupled with a cute box tee and sandals, the look is pretty much complete – it’s as simple as that. A maxi dress is even more straightforward, and looks beautiful dressed up for the evening with heels and a clutch, or dressed down with a floppy hat and gladiator sandals.

Betsey Johnson Gold-Tone Blue and Clear Crystal Mismatch Drop Earrings

Mismatch jewelry

Ever lost an earring and had to trash its sad, lonely partner after you could no longer wear them as a pair? Well, the heartbreak doesn’t have to exist any more – mismatched dangley earrings are totally in style this season, and they look cute with anything bohemian. The same goes for the rings, bracelets, cute little toe rings, necklaces, and anything else you like the look of – the more mismatched the better.

Bindya Boho Nomad

Beautiful scarves

The floaty material is a central tenet of the boho look, and it extends as far as scarves too. They keep you warm in the cooler, spring evenings, and you can wrap them around your hair for an edgy way to protect your head from the bright sun or hide a bad hair day.

Dreamcatcher Pendant Necklace

Tribal accessories

The boho look is partly based on the medley of accessories available, but they all tend to have a general tribal theme. From handbags, such as a super practical tribal fanny pack, to dreamcatcher chains, there is no stone left unturned in the world of tribal accessories, so feel free to mix and match.

HENRY FERRERA Henry Ferrera Woobar Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals

In the warmer weather, the gladiator sandals are cute, comfortable, and easy to wear, and they add a cute boho edge to almost anything you choose to wear them with. The brilliant thing about them is the comfort – all the strapping means they’ll never rub, so they’re great for shopping and festivals, and look really cool too.

Embrace your natural hair

The beautiful thing about the boho look is that it isn’t clean, polished, or high fashion. Messy hairstyles, smudged makeup, and even poorly fitting clothes can add an edge to the style that wouldn’t work for other fashions. This means that you can forget the lengthy styling processes you use for your hair and embrace your natural look with braids, fun accessories, a headscarf or a floppy hat. This means more time to lie in, work out, or just have fun – bonus!

The boho look is here to stay, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s wearable, comfortable, and always cute. Long live boho fashion.



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