Why Tradition Matters

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Before the internet existed most people wrote with a pen, they would have had one particular pen which they really favored, perhaps a fountain pen or a beautiful roller ball.  To stay in touch with friends they would have written notes and thank you cards.

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Whilst many people would have stuck to traditional paper, some invested time and money into beautifully weighted note cards with various textures.  Embossed family details were common too.  It was a beautiful time to live.  Then the internet arrived and whilst we could save money and keep in touch easily with long lost pals, we lost a little of the personal feeling behind our communication.

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Nowadays we tend to stick to busting out lovely stationary when we have big events coming up, such as a wedding or an anniversary.  Although we are given opportunity like the wedding paper divas coupons meaning we stick to online and pre-designed templates.  Again this is great for those on a tight budget and with time pressure, but it isn’t the same as spending a day creating something with our hands.  The feel of the paper, the excitement of waiting for the post to come.  All these things are lost with email.

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Another thing we have lost is the journal.  Back in the 70’s most people had a beautiful leather bound journal which they used to create memories, take notes and write down recipes.  These became like a personal novel and were gorgeous to look back on.  The 80’s bought us the Filofax, a modern way of organizing your life.  Today, we do everything on our smart phones.  There is nothing we can’t note down, snap a photo of or record in sound.  Which is sad.  Because how will we share in these special personal moments after our loved ones die?  A journal is a reminder of the moments our loved ones treasured.

It’s really important to embrace the new technologies that we have in the modern world, but that doesn’t mean we should let go of the traditional values we placed on keeping things personal.

Digital cameras are amazing and we no longer have to wait weeks to see the snaps we took whilst on holiday.  They are there, in an instant.  With the camera phone we also don’t get to miss a moment, although sometimes we miss everything but that moment.  I bet you have dozens of photos stored on your computer and far less in albums you hide in the loft then pull out to share at Christmas? Wouldn’t it be a shame if when we pass away, our photographs passed with us?

Tradition matters.  Don’t forget it and get caught up in a whirlwind of instant access and easy communication.  Sit down, write that letter, keep a diary and print out your pictures to display in albums.  Leave your family with even more of a legacy and reach out to a friend in a personal way. Balance the two and you will have a perfectly traditional, modern life.

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