Travel bug: Miami

If you’re planning on staying stateside for your next vacation, but you still want gorgeous tropical weather and beautiful beaches, then there are few choices that make as much sense as Florida. Amongst the state’s many attractions, it might be worth considering Miami most of all. Named the Magic City for just how rapidly it grew from a tiny settlement into a coastal wonder, it still has that appeal hundreds of years later and still keeps attracting visitors from far and wide. I’ve been to Miami a bunch myself between having some family and a best friend down there. I’m not attracted to the ritzy nightlife as much as I am the water, sunshine, art, and architecture, but I do believe that Miami has a little something for everyone.

Miami: Aqua Bliss

Living like a rock star

If you want the full luxury treatment by the beach then Miami has always been one of the best places to get it. However, the real parties don’t happen on the tourist-packed coasts. If you want to live the high-life, then the high seas are the best place to do it. There are plenty of services like BOAT.ME in the area, able to help you explore the many, many gorgeous coasts, islands, and marine wildlife spots all while enjoying a drink and the company of your friends. Whether you want a day trip or you want to spend your whole time out at sea, the beautiful weather and beautiful waters make it hard to turn down.

Straight from the old world

Naturally, there’s plenty to do away from the water, as well. Miami is a very storied part of our country and naturally, it inherits some of that story from back in the old world. Every state is in some shaped by the European strands of its history, but few have those strands as well preserved as the Vizcaya Museum. Right in the middle of Miami, it’s a stunning building that looks like it could easily serve as the court of European king with antiques from just about every age of Miami’s history carefully preserved and displayed for you to learn more about. The only thing is that it might make your own luxury rented villa look a little drab by comparison.

Finding tropical paradise

Despite the European roots of many of Miami’s settlers, there’s no getting away from the fact that you are, in the truest sense, in a tropical climate. Not that many visitors want to get away from that. In fact, the opposite is true with Jungle Island becoming easily one of the most popular and well-loved natural beauty spots of the whole region. There are more exhibits than you can fit into one day, with gorgeous creatures like kangaroos, orangutans, parrots, and tortoises collected from all over. Many of the exhibits are interactive, too, with people from all over stopping to hang out with the sloths and lemurs of the park. If you’re making it a family trip, this is your chance to wow the kids like never before.

Add a little flavor

Cuba is, of course, very close to Florida. Despite the fact that there are still some heavy restrictions between the two countries, Cuban culture has found its nest in Little Havana and most visitors are incredibly glad it has. Beyond cuisine rarely found elsewhere in the US and lively nightlife, one of Miami’s greatest annual events, the Calle Ocho, very much has its roots in Cuban culture. It’s a street party for the whole family, with all of the noise and life but very little of the stress. If you’re visiting Miami in the Spring, then make sure it’s a March visit so you can have the greatest party of your life.

Find a little Zen in heaven

If you find yourself a little overexcited from all the delights explored above, then you might want a little time to yourself. Key Biscayne isn’t completely isolated, as no part of Miami is. However, it is one of the most pristine and peaceful beaches that the city has to offer. This is where the more civilized fun of Miami happens, becoming the city’s home for the tennis season as well as offering golf courses to spend plenty of time on surrounded by the same beautiful landscapes you’ll find anywhere else in the city. Key Biscayne is the place to be if you want to recharge your batteries. Once you do, then there’s a fantastic water amusement park not too far away, too.

Even when you get past the life, the glamor, and the gorgeous sunshine, Miami’s appeal still holds true. A trip to the Magic City isn’t just visiting one destination. It’s like traveling to five at once, with spots and activities to appeal to just about anyone.


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