Treat Yourself To The Ultimate Me Time

We all need a little glamour and extravagance from time to time and when the internet is full of Beyonce, Kim K and about about a million photos of your friend Rachel, jetting across the globe, our day to day lives can look a little plain.  Fear not! We’ve got the ultimate guide to glamming your life, however you live it day to day.  This is all about impact girls, so we’re taking large!

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It is common knowledge that retail therapy cures just about every ailment but if you want to glam your life up a level, heading to the local shopping center in town isn’t going to hit the mark.  Instead, make like the stars and jet off for some brilliant deals in an amazing location.

Dubai is a shopping lovers haven.  Dripping in opulence it is a popular bolt hole to many of Hollywood’s A listers.  Think big here, we’re talking yacht charter big.  You can spend a morning on the calm waters, sipping champagne before heading off for an afternoon of credit card abuse.  All you need for this ultimate goddess weekend is you, some oversized shades and a healthy amount of savings.  Just make sure you strike the perfect selfie pose and hit post on instagram.

Take ‘ladies that lunch’ to a whole new level.  Grab the girls and get the next plane out of here to Paris for the ultimate day of female bonding.  Take your outfit to the next level with a white tee, little black jacket, the ultimate skinny jean and your best high heels then head for Le Jules Verne restaurant.  This stunning michelin starred gem is located in the Eifel Tower.  Let the wine flow and your Facebook friends know.  You just made cool look effortless.

Weekends away don’t get much sexier than jetting off to hang with the super rich in Monaco.  Or, if you want to be a little more subtle you could whizz along the French Riviera for two nights in Menton.  This sexy little town is famous for its charming architecture and beautiful gardens.  Strap on those sandals and take a long walk along the beach.  Then enjoy telling the story of your whirlwind dash on a grey Monday morning at the office.

Finally, for the real hip and cool, New York is full of boutique restaurants and fantastic hotels.

Grab your credit card and hit Madison Avenue for an afternoon.  Then take a long lunch in Parker and Quinn.  Just be selfie ready.  For real glamour fueling, you can book a personal shopper experience, although a top tip from us?  You don’t actually have to buy anything.  Just enjoy the pamper!

Sometimes we have to inject a slice of celeb living into our own lives.  The ideas above may sound hefty on price but it’s possible to do all of this on a smaller budget.  Keep your eyes open for deals and then treat yourself to something a little bit special.


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