Fresh in The District

Last Wednesday, Bubbles & Bloggers had one of our coolest meetups yet. We headed down to Ivy City to Republic Restoratives to enjoy our custom Fresh In The District cocktails, learn about how Fresh Wave works, snack on some delicious treats from Homeshed Kitchens, and leave with the cutest Scout gift bags. While I’d certainly heard of Scout, I didn’t know much about the other brands an d it’s always fun discovering new places and products with my favorite ladies.

Republic Restoratives is woman-founded, “community funded and community driven,” making it the perfect place for a gathering of community minded women to get together. The space itself is really awesome- Dani and I were brainstorming future events while we were still there. Our Fresh In The District was delicious and made just for us! I’m not sure if they’re keeping it around as a permanent item on their menu, but I would recommend if you can get down there to try it!

Fresh Wave is a new-to-me company, but many of the ladies at the event had heard of them and love their products. I’m huge on candles, fragrance, and freshness in my home, but the difference between some of the scents that I use and Fresh Wave is that their products are all-natural. No harsh chemicals. No heavy perfumes. No toxic ingredients. While it was brought up that this is great for pets and kids, let’s be real- natural is better for everyone! I’m currently using the odor removing gel that came in my gift bag and I love the scent!

Thank you to Republic Restoratives, Fresh Wave, Homeshed Kitchens, and Scout for a wonderful night out, and of course to Dani for planning!

Dani with the Fresh Wave gals

We like to have themes for our meetups which makes for awesome pictures in semi-coordinating outfits, and our theme was green. Weirdly enough, I don’t actually own a whole lot of green, so I went for greenery instead with my tropical dress from Old Navy. I love love love the pattern on the dress but the dang thing shrank in the wash, making it a cute tunic.

Photos by Dani

Outfit details:

Sleeveless Cutout-Back Shift Dress for Women: Old Navy||York Necklace: Stella & Dot||Similar sandals here||Similar cardigans here||Similar bracelet here

Tropical print dresses:


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