#WCW: Roxanne Birnbaum

Roxanne of Glass of Glam and I met through Instagram. I had something posted about Bubbles & Bloggers and she commented that she would like to be involved and I directed her to Dani. We actually met in person the night a little group of us went to Sax for a GNO. Since then, Rox has become one of my closest friends.

Her “polished boho” look, as I like to call it, is always feminine, never stuffy- mirroring her beverage-themed blog! She has the cutest features, such as Weekly Refreshment + Friday Fizz. I get a kick out of her updates about her kitties, Jakey and Elwood, two of the fluffiest diva-boys in DC. She’s game to play dress-up with me, and even went pastel workout gear for an 80s dance party at Mason for a double date with our dudes. Speaking of working out, she also makes a great yoga buddy! (And a great friend!)

10 songs for a perfect sound track

Just Ten!? Okay this is really hard. I love so many songs but here are some I am loving right now. Here’s the link to the Spotify playlist.

Paris – the Chainsmokers

Beautiful People – Chris Brown

The Ocean – Mike Perry

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Love Foolosophy – Jamiroquai

3×5 – John Mayer

Junk of The Heart – The Kooks

Speechless – Lady Gaga

Satellite – Guster

How Deep Is Your Love – Calvin Harris

9 words to describe you

Funny, loyal, stylish, mature, generous, hard-working, articulate, determined…female?

8 reasons that you love your life

I moved to DC kind of randomly and got to meet amazing babes like Caro!

I’ve gotten to travel to some amazing places that inspire me! Israel is probably my favorite place.

My husband, who I met when I was 14, is the best man in the whole wide world. I pinch myself every day that I found him so early in my life.

My kitties (Jake and Elwood) even though Elwood is a diva and has a resting bitch face. (She’s not wrong.)

I get to have my own style blog, which I’ve always dreamed of.

I love that I know how to cook and that I can follow recipe pretty flawlessly. That’s something I feel like people take for granted.

The most supportive and loving family.

My health!

7 essentials in your closet

Distressed denim, a great coat, neutral cross body bag, comfy pointy flats, lace up heels, an oversized sweater, workout leggings (preferably from Lululemon or Fabletics)

6 non-electronic things you can’t live without

Dan, Jake & Elwood (my kittens!), coffee, mascara, and my water bottle

5 people who have impacted your life

My grandmother, My husband, Mom, and Dad (so boring! but true!), My second grade teacher Mrs. Friedman.

4 places you’d like to visit

Abroad: Bali, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Tokyo

Stateside: Seattle, Alaska (kind of stateside?), New Orleans, Harry Potter Land.

3 unpopular opinions you have

I don’t eat gluten and I think it is the devil.

Cats are the most amazing lovely creatures!

I was raised by a stay at home mom, and I think choosing mom-dom as your career is nothing to scoff at. It is hard AF.

2 things that scare you

Being alone

How time flies

1 quote to live by

My favorite quote is from a Hebrew song. “The whole world is a very narrow bridge; the important thing is not to be afraid.” -Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav. It basically means that life is daunting, and it is important to take care. But you’ll never get across the bridge if you submit to the fears of your own making.

Thank you Roxanne for being my #wcw! All pictures were used with her permission.

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2 Responses to #WCW: Roxanne Birnbaum

  1. Love her style, so many amazing looks! And I love this style of q&a with the number countdown, so fun!