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Your wedding day is a pretty momentous and important milestone in your life. It also signifies the beginning of your new life as part of committed couple, so you want it to be spectacular, right? But with so much that goes into organizing this one day, how can you ensure that it truly is the best day of your life? Read on to find out.

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Getting married your way

The first way to ensure your wedding day is a blissful experience is to focus on exactly how you want the day to be. Yes, you are going to have a lot of other folks giving you input about what they think you should have. Then there all of those magazine articles that show you what you should be aspiring to, as well.

But try and put these things out of your mind, and figure out what would make the perfect wedding day for you and your boo!

For instance, maybe your mother in law thinks that you should have a very formal sit down meal with the traditional steak, fish and chicken options? But would prefer something a little more fun and relaxed like fish and chips?

Well, it’s your day so go for what you want. Don’t let other people live vicariously through your big moment!

Not just another generic wedding

Also, the last thing that you want when you are getting married is for your day to feel just like any other generic wedding. That is why it’s worth putting in some effort to ensure that you make your wedding a truly unique affair.

If you are looking to spice thing up a bit, why not go for a colorful dress instead of just plain white? Or you could even go for a personalized cocktail, made especially for the day? Folks would definitely remember your wedding then!

You can even check out posts like 4 great ideas for a more unique wedding to help with some more clever ways of making your special day unique and memorable.

In with joy and out with stress

It is also worth bearing in mind that no matter how wonderful all of your plans for the day are if you can’t sit back, relax and enjoy them you are going to have a rubbish time. Remember, you really don’t want to be the only person that isn’t having fun at your wedding. So put some plans in place that will help you be as relaxed as possible on the day.

For example, you could aim to get all of the preparation done two days before the wedding and have a day of relaxing or pampering before the big day.

Or if you are an exercise junkie why not go for a thorough workout the night before or the morning of the wedding. So you will be filled with endorphins by the time the ceremony rolls around.

If you are really struggling with anxiety about your big day, then it can help to learn a few breathing techniques that will help you stay cool calm and collected. As this will ensure that your wedding day, is truly the best day of your life.



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One Response to Wedding Bliss

  1. Kenzie says:

    I love your advice about sitting back, relaxing and enjoying your day. It’s something SO many brides forget to do!