Wedding Prep Essentials

If your wedding day is fast approaching, it’s natural to want to look your best. Of all the days you’ll ever experience, this will probably be the most memorable, so it’s important that you look and feel a million dollars. If you’re desperate to be the most beautiful bride out there, bear these wedding prep essentials in mind.

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Every bride wants to look radiant on their big day. In the weeks and months before, pay attention to your skincare regime, and look after your complexion. Wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and avoid using cosmetics or skincare products that contain harsh chemicals. Cleanse and moisturize daily, and exfoliate once or twice a week. Don’t forget to look after the skin on the rest of your body. We tend to focus all our attention on our faces, but it’s likely that your shoulders, back or arms will also be on show. If you’re feeling stressed or you want to treat your skin, book a facial a week or so before the big day. Many brides feel more confident with a golden glow. If you don’t have the time or money to book a pre-wedding vacation, a spray tan is an excellent alternative. Go for a couple of trial runs before the big day, and leave at least 24 hours between your treatment and the wedding. Go for a natural-looking shade. You want a subtle glow rather than a deep tan.


Your wedding makeup plays an essential role in your bridal look. If you’re doing your own makeup, book some lessons or have a look at some tutorials online. Visit some counters and try out some different products. If you’re having your makeup done, book a trial beforehand. This way, you can try out various looks, and see which one you prefer. Many brides go for a natural look, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be different. Some people love a dramatic lip or 60’s style feline flicks, for example.

A sensational smile

There’s probably no other day in your life when your smile is more conspicuous than your wedding day. You want to feel confident when you’re beaming with happiness, so take steps to ensure our smile looks the part. Book a cleaning treatment beforehand, and keep up to date with routine check-ups. If your teeth are stained, or you’re conscious about having wonky teeth, contact an office like Lifetime Smiles and enquire about cosmetic dentistry. There’s an array of impressive treatments out there so every bride can have a dazzling smile.

Most of us make an effort to look good on a daily basis. If you’re getting married, it’s understandable to want to look your best. You want to feel confident on the day and look back through photographs with a massive smile on your face. In the run-up to your wedding, make an effort to look after your skin, and book some makeup trials or lessons. Visit your dentist, and address any flaws that you know will affect your confidence on the day.




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