Break-Ups and Break-Downs: Erasing An Ex From Your Life

You’ve exhausted the chocolate supply in the cupboard and there aren’t many more series left on Netflix for you to binge on. You haven’t left the house in a week (and counting), also when was the last time you washed your hair? You’re getting through the initial trauma of a break-up and the time is coming for you to pick yourself up and move on. We have all been through a break-up before and if you have yet to experience one, take note for the future. The thought of watching happy couples saddens you when you’ve been dumped, but I’m here to help you feel strong, empowered and determined enough to get over your ex.

Breakup Care Package

Home Cleanse

One of the most difficult parts of a break-up is letting go of the memories that are scattered around your home. From photo frames shaped in a heart to ticket stubs from a concert you’ve been to together. It’s healthy to have a home detox and get rid of the reminders than make you sad every day when you look at them. Use this is an excuse to give your room a makeover too. You can buy new pictures for your walls and invest in some new luxurious bedding to completely overhaul your bedroom and erase the lingering memory of them.

This might be new-age of me, but I also suggest lighting a candle, collecting meaningful crystals, or even smudging with sage to get rid of negative energy. Who’s to say if it actually works but I know lighting a candle always helps my mood.

Body Beautiful

You’ve spend enough time eating your feelings post-break up, so let’s change your mindset and channel your anger into something positive. Head to your nearest dance class and shimmy your way to happiness, instead of punishing your body in a negative way. Maybe you have a personal tattoo on your body, which relates to your ex. If so, you need to get rid of it ASAP! Head to your local tattoo removal clinic get the everlasting mark on your body lasered away. You will soon feel brand new after a few sessions, so don’t delay in transforming your body back to its pure and powerful form.

Goodbye Gifts

Stop hanging onto the perfume he bought you for your birthday or the necklace you received for Christmas. You simply don’t need them, so throw them away and feel a sense of relief. There is no point in holding these possessions close to you, when the sentiment is no longer there. You will feel free again if you let go of the gifts from your ex.

Selective Socials

It is so important to get out of the house after you’ve had a break-up, but be selective about the social events you choose to attend. If you know your ex or their friends are going to be there don’t go! Choose a girly night with your besties instead of getting dressed up and trying to impress your ex.

Whatever you situation, you can get through it. Find your inner strength and display a proud smile. Now is your time to focus on yourself and do the things that make you happy. Take the chance to love yourself and don’t let anybody dictate how you feel.



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