Creating the Ultimate Spa Experience… At Home

You may have had a long week at work, it might be your birthday, or you could just feel that you deserve it! Whatever the reason, we all wish we could be whisked away for a spa weekend every now and then. Unfortunately, it can often take time to travel to a spa. They’re usually set within beautiful grounds somewhere deep in the countryside. The time it takes to get there, coupled with the expense, is enough to put anyone off a massage! What if you didn’t have to travel anywhere for the ultimate spa experience, and what if it was a fraction of the price, would you do it…

Sage Candle

Setting the Scene

There are some essential things you’ll need to create the perfect atmosphere for your home spa. Let’s face it, children’s toys in the bath isn’t going to make for a very relaxing experience. The best way to transform your bathroom on a budget is to accessorize it. Buy items that will help turn the room into a tranquil spa, but can also be stored for everyday use.

Candles are a great first step. Buy scented candles to give a relaxing aroma. The key to any great spa is engaging all of the senses. Candles will help you to have dimmer lighting but also provide the key aspect of smell to help you relax and be transported. To create a really indulgent home spa, invest in some larger candles too. Little tea lights in jars are nice but some larger lanterns will really help to pull the look together. Make sure you have a good book, a stack of magazines, or a stereo outside the door. Whatever helps you to relax. Or you may just want to enjoy the silence.

Bath Bombs

The Perfect Products

Once you’ve set the perfect spa scene you’ll need to turn your attention to the products you’ll need. First and foremost make sure you buy a soap bubble bath. Choose a scented bath bomb or a simple bubble bath for you to relax and soak in. If you have any skin allergies or are worried about irritating your skin be sure to choose a hypoallergenic formula.

Next concentrate on the products you’ll need for your body. A body scrub is a good way to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. You only really need to exfoliate your body once a week, so incorporate this into your spa session. The next must-have product for the perfect home spa is essential oils. If you’ve been to a spa before you’ll know that these are everywhere. Used to perform relaxing massages and soften skin, essential oils have amazing benefits. After using these oils, which are extracted from plants and flowers, your skin should look restored and fresh.

Cotton Velour Robe

Finishing Touches

The great thing about a shower is the feeling of relaxation that washed over you and lasts even after the massages have stopped. What you don’t want is to undo all the stress releasing and unwinding that happened in your home spa. Make sure that when you step outside the door the feeling of calm can come with you! Invest in a great bathrobe. Richard Haworth have some which are worthy of any home spa. You’ll want one which is luxurious, absorbent, and comfortable. Similarly, make sure you’ve laid your pajamas and a pair of slipper out ready too. You don’t want to have to start searching for nightwear after your spa session.

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