Don’t Grow Old Without Ever Traveling Alone

We overheard a conversation recently about traveling alone where both of them were against the idea of it. But you never really travel alone – not really- because the world is jam-packed full of people, friends you haven’t made yet, adventure buddies that you have yet to laugh with.

Don’t get us wrong, running off with your childhood sweetheart, vacationing with your family, a weekend away with your BFFs; it’s all amazing. But there is an ocean of stars out there, and each star represents a reason to go it alone.

Single, loved-up, outgoing, introverted, lost, happy, newly-wed, bereaved; it doesn’t matter, there are so many reasons that make traveling solo a must-have experience. And here are the best of the bunch:

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You Get Around

The one thing a group of travelers doesn’t have is the privilege of spontaneity. The more of you there are, the harder it becomes to move around. Booking a trip becomes harder. Planning a tripper becomes needed. Flights, boats, buses, hitchhiking, it all becomes more challenging when you are in a group. But not when you’re riding solo. You pick a time and place and ba-bye everything else.

It’s Your Bucket List

When you try to please everyone you rarely please anyone. Yes, we know life is all about sacrifice and compromise, but it doesn’t have to be, not when you are traveling by yourself. If there is somewhere you want to go then go. You can work through your bucket list in the order you want to do it. Want to see Canada, then Petra, followed by the Maldives and then get to Aus by working your way there on a boat because, well, because you can, then do it. You can entertain your dreams and no one can stop you.

Make The Heart Grow Stronger

We’re not saying you should spend all of your weekends and all your allocated holiday time going it alone, just every so often. Trust us, it will be an incredible thing for you and those you are leaving behind, whether family, friends, loved ones or whatever. Your heart grows stronger, your trust increases, your independence gets that kick it needs. You could use it to your advantage too. How? Well, imagine you find paradise somewhere. That place you love. That place you need to share with that special someone. Why not take them there. Send a personal invite. Get yourself a postcard maker and use an image of your new paradise on the cover, an address and a date and have them meet you there, or book a holiday to come back and show them. What’s more romantic or special than that.

Make New Friends

Half hour friendships or lifelong bonds, it doesn’t matter; meeting new people is one of the greatest things any of us can do, and traveling alone almost forces our hand. It’s incredible how a simple hello can lead to a thousand possibilities, and it is incredible how your perspective changes when you take that experience home. All too often we tell ourselves we are too busy to meet new people, but that shouldn’t be the case. So travel alone and strike up conversations with random people; locals, the person sat next to you on the bus, people in your hostel, that backpacker that’s by themselves. Everyone has a story and it those stories you hear while traveling that tends to be the best.

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