Engagement session with Darrell McDavid

One of the most daunting tasks of planning my wedding thus far was picking a photographer, mostly because the options are endless as far as price points, styles, and package details. I took to Facebook asking at least which price points were reasonable and *spoiler alert* it’s all over the map! And everyone just started giving me suggestions. One of my bridesmaids’ brothers recently got married, and his wife, Emily, suggested Darrell McDavid Photography, and I knew it would be a perfect fit after seeing their wedding pictures gallery with a fantastic dancing shot.

Darrell and his wife Kristin shoot together the day of the wedding, all day, and it was actually a huge selling point for me to work with a couple. Darrell shot our engagement pictures solo, and it was so nice to get to know him and his style. Even though we felt a little awkward kissing on command for a couple hours, he made it fun and easy for us.

We decided on the Georgetown Waterfront because that’s where we had our first date. Somehow, Darrell made it look almost empty on a busy, hot Saturday night. We wanted to go with a style that was very “us”- kind of vintage rockabilly with a hint of prep? Is that a thing? It’s totally a thing. Plus we had a nice juxtaposition of nature + city.

My hair was done by the lovely Amanda at Illusions– highlight and a sweet up-do that she designed herself. (That my mom liked much better than the original style I was looking at so thank you Amanda!)

Small world: my makeup was done by a woman named Dreama (I’ll pass along her info to anyone who would like it- she’s an absolute star!) who did my mom’s friend’s makeup for her wedding… to Marisa’s cousin. Nails were (and will always be) Oriental Oasis. Hand’s down best nail salon in DC.

These pics are just some of my absolute favorites. It’s getting real, you guys!


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