Fitness wish list

Say that 5 times fast.

But no, really, I fully endorse any purchasing of products that leads to a healthier, and therefore, happier life. It took me a while, but I have found my fitness thing at CorePower. I’ve had one or two people that yoga isn’t “enough,” but I’ll tell you what- when I was going several times a week last summer, I got super toned super fast AND my head space was just better. Also, their sculpt classes get in that cardio and also, don’t tell me how to live my like while I’m doing something good for myself.

Within CorePower, I am part of SET- the Studio Experience Team. This is just a fancy way of saying that I get a great discount because I help maintain the space I love so much. Luckily, my day job is flexible so I can leave work at 4 on Wednesdays to head to my home studio in Glover Park. I adore my studio and the people who work/ practice there. It’s like a little yogi family. CorePower also has a great little retail situation going on- and between my style blogger searches, whimsical wants, and advice from my favorite instructor/ my manager, I’ve come up with a little wish list to motivate me in my practice.

the carolove fitness wish list

I got my first (and currently only) pair of Goldsheep leggings when I got to practice and discovered that my water bottle had leaked all over the pants I bought. They are fantastic! They don’t fall down, ride up, or get sweaty. I’m eyeing the Pink Leopard leggings (cropped) with the matching crop top.

Speaking of leaky water bottles- they suck. I’ve collected a bunch of cheap water bottles over the years free from events and such. Guess what? They all leak. Hands down, S’Well water bottles are the most popular. They come in a range of colors and patterns (the marble + rose gold staying on trend!) but I really love the Bondi Beach style!

Another studio favorite is the LuLu Lemon mat. I asked my manager about this because my current mat, while adorable, is just about shredded and generally looking loved. Her only critique is that it’s heavy (it is!) but since I can keep my mat at the studio as an employee, it doesn’t matter much to me. Since I am going to keep it there? She suggested a color since so many people have the black one. That popular.

Now, I know that yoga is a barefoot activity (just another reason to love it!) but Kendall walks me home from yoga and it’s about a 15 minute walk. It’s actually pretty nice to walk home together and cool down after being in a hot studio. Unfortunately, I usually forget my sneakers so I’m walking home in my flats or boots from work. If I’m going with the crazy outfits for practice, I’m thinking I should go all out and add the 80s retro Reeboks! My mom actually had a pair of these she sacrificed to a muddy field trip when I was in 7th grade. I wish wish wish I had salvaged them so I could have the real thing.

I always pack a long sleeve or a sweatshirt for two reasons: 1. because it’s cold right now and while I’m cleaning it can be a little chilly. 2. I hate sweating into my coats after class. This particular graphic top is on sale for under $10- making it the perfect situation to throw into your bag and sweat in- while still making a statement literally.

Last but not least, I know I said the mat on my wish list is a little heavy for lugging around, but I can’t resit personalized gear. The Essential Canvas Yoga Bag from Mark & Graham is just the thing if you are traveling with your mat.

What gear motivates your work out? Or what brands do you trust for your fitness needs?

Pink Leopard leggings||Pink Leopard crop top||S’well Gray Malin Bondi Beach 17-oz. Reusable Bottle||The Reversible Mat||Reebok – Freestyle Leather High-top Sneakers – White||DreamWorks Trolls Juniors’ Cold-Shoulder Graphic Sweatshirt||Essential Canvas Yoga Bag

personalized party supplies


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4 Responses to Fitness wish list

  1. Love this fitness wishlist! I’m also doing SET at Glover Park. I hope we run into each other soon! 🙂 I hadn’t heard of Gold Sheep clothing! I think I might buy those pink leopard leggings too. SO CUTE.