January wish list

Let me just preface this post with the fact I was entirely spoiled this (and every) Christmas, and I truly felt like I was wrapped up in a blanket of love. That might sound entirely cheesy but it’s true! Yes, I post these wishlists monthly, but in no way to I expect or want everything I post- it’s just a collection of things that have caught my eye.

After spending a lovely Christmas weekend with my parents, complete with the sushi and a movie tradition I started with them a few years ago, we ended the year with a nice dinner in Old Town Alexandria then headed home early. It was so freezing that fireworks were out of the question. Kendall is actually going to be gone for a couple weeks for work, coming home to meet with our wedding church, do our tasting for our wedding menu, then leaving again for army stuff. I’ll be spending a little extra time with mama and daddy D- I just want to be warm and cozy with the people I love this time of year.

  1. Could I be anymore predictable? The Asymmetrical Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top comes in a bunch of colors and is on sale!
  2. Maybe it’s because I’m freezing and dreaming of going somewhere sunny, like Florida, but the Orange Print Green Sweatshirt just looks so… pleasant to me.
  3. Same with the  Pretty Rebellious Juniors’ Peachy Graphic Ruffled Top. It’s totally random but I adore something about the graphic/ ruffle combo.
  4. The thing I like most about the Midnight Blue Five-Row Necklace is that it reminds me of the jewelry that belonged to my great grandmother that I got to play with growing up.
  5. I’m all about spoiling my lips in the winter and the Balm Baby Trio WINKY LUX looks like the thing to do just that. The Winky Lux signature Flower Balm contains a real flower and featuring pH-shade match technology for long-lasting stain. The unicorn-inspired Glimmer Balm creates a subtle iridescent shimmer for magic that lasts all day, and the limited-edition gold balm in 24kt has a hint of twinkling gold.
  6. The Rivington Convertible Flap Petrol Backpack is the backpack I won’t shut up about. It keeps going deeper on sale but is still totally out of my price range.
  7. I was so excited when the white ones came (back) out last year but of course I’m diggin’ the pink Freestyle Nubuck High Top Sneakers.
  8. If I can find my Nordstrom card before it sells out, I’m getting the Alfred Sung Woven Fit & Flare Dress for my wedding rehearsal.
  9. I just want to be warm. Enter this Bp Leopard Print Ruana.



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2 Responses to January wish list

  1. Roxanne says:

    I love that dress for your rehearsal! You’re so positive about Kendall being away – it will be so nice to spend time with momma and poppa.

    And those pink sneaks, I die.

  2. great picks! I adore the leopard poncho <3. those pink shoes are awesome as well

    -Brandi Kimberly

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