Kawaii: Cuteness in Japanese Culture

Something you might not know about The KendalLøve, he’s actually really into anime and Japanese culture. This is not totally my jam, but I’ve found a few anime movies I can really get into with him and I can admire his appreciation for another culture totally different from our own. As someone who actually read books on how to behave like a Brit when I was in college (I was applying to grad school in the UK, got wait listed at Oxford, did GW instead), I guess I’m actually not so different in that respect. We just chose different continents.

One Japanese phenomenon I can totally get into is Kawaii. It’s essentially cuteness in Japan. You can read more about its origins here, but for those unfamiliar with the term, I’m sure you’re familiar with Hello Kitty. She’s the unofficial mascot of Kawaii. The crap I loved at Hot Topic when I was in high school? Definitely Kawaii. My favorite sweatshirt was pink and had ears and a Carebear tummy. I had a Hello Kitty backpack and a Hello Kitty cd player and a friend who actually started calling me Kitty to the point that’s what his mom thought my name was. Totally fine.

While I don’t typically dress in costume, I can certainly see the appeal. I live in the world. I know I can’t wear a Bo Peep costume to work and really, I don’t want to. But I did order a tutu for my bachelorette party and I do think that Betsey Johnson kitsch is super fun. Part of the idea of Kwaii is holding onto childhood and I’m going to do that until I’m an 100 year old great-grandma with pink hair and matching unicorn onesies with my great-grandbabies.

I think there are ways to incorporate Kawaii into your adult life and still look like an adult. It’s all about subtlety. Add a key chain here or a water bottle there and fill your life with little fun things that make you smile.

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