This New Year’s Eve was just… sweet. Kendall and I bounced a few ideas around for how to spend the evening, but eventually decided that we didn’t really want anything more than a nice dinner date and fireworks in Old Town Alexandria. The below-freezing temps had us skip the fireworks that night, which was fine by both of us.

We has and incredible meal at Hunting Creek on King Street and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area for both the delicious food and amazing service, even on what tends to be a crazy night at restaurants. We split the calamari, which was very lightly battered and crispy, just the way I like. For our entrees, Kendall had a giant steak (not their giant-est… they had run out) and frites and I had scallops with winter veggies and what I can only describe as a squash whipped cream. Ho. Ly. Cow. SO GOOD! Then we split dark chocolate mousse for dessert.

My dress for the night was kind of an accident. I went into Francesca’s to get a gift for a friend and saw this masterpiece and had to try it on. I don’t normally do cropped or the neckline of this dress, but I just felt so GOOD in it I knew it had to be mine. It’s already sold out, but I linked similar pieces to my whole outfit below!

I also got my makeup done. Blogging has given me so many opportunities and I kind of jump at them all. When Emily posted in the CapFABB Facebook group that she was looking for faces to do makeup on, I figured why not try for NYE? It turns out, she lives two blocks from me! I love how she did my makeup and I have to tell you, the eye shadow was on until I showered the next day. PLUS my face didn’t break out, as it usually does when I have my makeup on. Thank you Emily!

While the night did not go according to original plan, I wouldn’t change a bit of it (even tripping on the uneven brick sidewalk)! I hope your NYE was exactly what you wished for! Can’t wait for an amazing 2018!


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  1. That dress looks so cute! I love that outfit.

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