No More Bad Hair Days!

In terms of everyday annoyances, is there anything worse than a bad hair day? We all suffer them from time to time, and they seem to come at the worst times imaginable – such as when we have a formal job interview or a hot date lined up for the evening. However, seeing as most of us know we can’t stop them, it can be worth knowing how to deal with them quickly and efficiently instead. It can be really easy to stress out about your bad hair day and become frustrated – but in doing so, you can often just make the situation worse. Here are a few hints and tips so you can avert an impending hair disaster and feel ready for the day.

the carolove No More Bad Hair Days!

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Don’t overuse products

When your hair is simply not behaving as you want it to, the temptation to reach for multiple products can be overwhelming. Hair products such as mousses and sprays exist so that we can manipulate our hair into doing things that are not natural to it. But, like with any synthetic material, you have to be careful about how you use such products. Many of them can be extremely damaging to our hair, and laying them on heavily can often just make our hair look worse. Matted hair and a flaky scalp are just two of the common side effects we can face from overusing products, which obviously don’t look good! Even though you may think that more product = more control over your hair, you may just end up with heavy, slightly damp locks that are even harder to manipulate. Wean yourself off your product dependency by using a little less each time, and be mindful of the amount that you put on your hair.

Fake it

Sometimes, when we are having a bad hair day, we simply don’t have time to spend ages sorting it out. For these instances, wigs and hairpieces can be a lifesaver. Many people still consider wigs part of ‘costume makeup’ or something reserved solely for Halloween. But just look at all the celebrities we now see these days sporting wigs on the red carpet. Websites such as offer a range of styles, whether you fancy a pixie crop or something long and flowing. Simply gather your own hair into the cap provided, attach the hairpiece to your head and you have a beautiful, effortless look in a matter of seconds.

Learn some easy styles

It can be very useful to have a backlog of failsafe hairstyles that you know can rescue you from any bad hair day. You don’t need to be a hair master to pull any of these off, and most will only take a few minutes at best. The classic high ponytail can work well for people with mid-length to long hair, and for anyone with a shorter crop, why not try braiding the front section so that it’s out of your face?


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