Nordstrom Fall Sale 2017

I learned many lessons while working in retail such including but not limited to:

  • Whatever you’re looking for is probably not in the back
  • Store closings are not just a free-for-all but can be very sad
  • You truly can’t please everyone
  • The customer does think they’re always right even if they are really, really not
  • There is really very little reason to buy anything full price

I honestly didn’t even realize it before I worked at Pier One but there is a) always some kind of sale or clearance and b) a good chance that the piece you love is going to hit it eventually. The only circumstance where this might not be the case is holiday specific items. We had people furious at us that we ran out of special edition ornaments by Christmas Eve but what are ya gonna do?

As far as clothes, I rarely, if ever, buy clothes full price. I stalk and I wait to catch my prey. If I miss it, I just means I don’t need it anyway! I haven’t been buying clothes much at all, to be honest but I might consider a little Nordstrom splurge for their fall sale. I’m definitely taking a peek for Christmas shopping, but I want to share the pieces I love for me.


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