November wish list

Halloween is over and November is here! Last night was kind of funny- Kendall started a journey back again to Mississippi for drill and because it was Tuesday most of my friends were either meh about Halloween or had after work plans. SO I put on a onesie and headed to Chipotes for a $3 burrito bol and then it took me three hours to write this blog post because tired and bol coma.

So here we are. Happy November!

the carolove november wish list

My friend was wearing MAC Turquatic Fragrance at a birthday happy hour last week. It smelled AMAZE and I stalked it like the night I got home.

Surprise surprise, my Charlotte Russe perforated booties are totally falling apart after a year and change. Time for an upgrade- perhaps Vince Camuto Kamey Perforated Booties.

I don’t know if I could ever have enough fuzz in my life. I have a great leopard (faux, obvs.) fur coat- pink fuzz may be next on my list, like this MELODY Faux-Fur Coat.

Seeing as how we watched Strangers Things 2 in, what, 2 days? This Netflixing Definition Sweatshirt seems appropes.

I’m not a huge makeup buff, really. But that doesn’t stop me from eyeing pretty things like the new line from MAC, especially the MAC Snow Ball Face Powder.

Holidays are coming (YUP! ALREADY!) which means it’s like 2 months worth of party paws. Check this Deborah Lippmann Glitter Nail Color in Candy Shop.

Kinda just want this ALTERNATIVE Camo Sweater Dress to wear with my thigh high boots.

I’ve been doing some research on chakras and while I’m usual drawn to all things root chakra, it seems like my sacral chakra in in a little bit of imbalance. I feel like I should try 2nd Chakra Balancing Oil.

These Tassel Earrings look a helluva lot like a brand we all know and love… but they’re under $10.

I’m already feelin’ the season’s chapped lips. Enter VASELINE Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy. (Incidentally, I found this one a Millennial Pink list)

What do you have planned for this November?


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