Old Navy striped dress

I cannot stress this enough, and I’ve said it before: if I could only wear one style for the rest of my life, striped cotton dresses would be it. And they would likely all be from Old Navy. I’ve honestly been wearing Old Navy striped dresses for the past two days. Not only are they easy AF and hold up forever, but I can consistently slip into one and Kendall will be like, “you look beautiful!” No fuss, but much reward.

And I’ve always been a dress girl. I think it would confuse people when I was younger because while most girls opted for jeans or shorts on out-of-uniform days, I reached for a sun dress. After swim team practice- same thing. I’ve just always felt the most myself in a dress. I may not always know how to properly girl, complaining about heels most female would laugh at, but a good dress will win over jeans every time. Pair with a sweet pair of flats or a cute sneaker- I’m set. It’s my uniform, and I’m sticking with it.

Photos by Sarah

My outfit details:

Denim jacket: Target||Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson||Sari necklace c/o Pearl & Clasp||Faith bag c/o Urban Expressions||Sneakers: Steve Madden||Heavy-Knit Shift Dress for Women: Old Navy

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2 Responses to Old Navy striped dress

  1. Sierra says:

    I couldn’t agree more! A comfy striped dress all the way. And I’ve been loving Old Navy for anything lately. This looks great on you and it’s perfect with the denim jacket. Beautifully Candid