Statement earrings

One of my favorite trends to come out this spring has been statement earrings, and I know I’m not the only one! (Um hi BaubleBar, can we get these back in stock please?) I think I like the idea so much because statement earrings are such a good way to show your personality, even if you have a strict dress code. And this might sound totally weird, but to me they’re like a less inyourface version of the pompom sandal that it seemed like only bloggers were wearing last year. Does that make any sense?

I remember when I first got my ears pierced. I was in 9th grade and I fiddled with the studs so much that they actually popped out, got infected, and I had to have them re-pierced. When I could finally get to the point that I could safely change out of my sparkly safety studs, I was ecstatic. Even then, I was all about that statement earring life. I ended up getting two holes in each ear, and every outfit went with specific earrings. My favorite pair was from either Claire’s or Hot Topic. One was a guitar pick and the other a guitar because I was so ~*edgy*~. Now it’s kind of totally a thing to have mismatched ears!

The past couple years, I haven’t been great about wearing earrings at all. Just like everything else about me, my ears are super sensitive. If I remember, I put in either simple posts or easy Kendra Scott dangles, but some of the awesome statement earrings I’ve seen recently may have me going back to my old ways!

1.Women’s Baublebar Conch Tassel Drop Earrings||2.Women’s Baublebar Geo Drop Earrings||3.Women’s Baublebar Merengue Drop Earrings

4.Women’s Baublebar Caicos Pompom Drop Earrings||5.BAUBLEBAR Tess Drop Earrings||6.BaubleBar Duchess Stud Earrings

7.Baublebar Summer tassel drop earrings||8.Zola Drops

9.Renee Gem Drops||10.Betsey Johnson Flower Child Daisy Flower Mismatched Drop Earrings||11.Marie Antoinette Pink Mouse Doll Mismatch Earring

12.Women’s Panacea Beaded Fringe Drop Earrings||13.Women’s J.crew Colorblock Bead Tassel Earrings||14.Teardrop-Shaped Tassel Earrings


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One Response to Statement earrings

  1. Lou M. says:

    These are so beautiful, I love number 13

    Technicolor ♥ Heart