Sunburned and Sweaty: How to Look Great on The Go

Everyone seems to be looking for the same answers in the summer, and especially when it comes to looking sharp and stylish even though it feels like your makeup is going to melt off your face. When the days are long and bright, the sun is raging, but you still need to make it to the office in style, it’s time for a bit of brainstorming.

Here is a handful of the most genius advice I’ve come across on how to beat the heat and look good on the go – no matter how warm and tired you feel on the inside.

stay salty beach tee shirt

Embrace a bare face

Your biggest enemy during long and warm days is heavy makeup. If you want to feel as fresh at the end of the day as you did in the morning, you should try to get used to wearing less of it in the summer – or nothing at all. Your skin will be able to breathe a bit easier, you can wipe signs of sweat off without smudging everything up, and might even be able to catch a bit of color on your way to work.

If you’re not used to starting your day like this, start by using your foundation as a concealer instead. Dab a bit under your eyes, at the wings of your nose, and wherever you feel it needs a bit of cover-up.

That way, you’re not sweating off the entire masterpiece before the day has even started, and you still get to look at bright and even skin when you face a mirror.

Keep in mind that your regular foundation probably has a bit of sunscreen in it that you need to substitute, so have a look at these non-greasy sun lotions for your face. Opt for a powder-based foundation, by the way, to absorb any excess oil if you’d like to use the same amount of makeup as you’re used to.

No more chapped lips

If you thought dried out and brittle lips are for the cold seasons, think again. People don’t seem to remember how much the air conditioning in an office is able to dry out everything – and your lips in particular. First of all, spend a bit of time on applying lip liner before lipstick when it’s hot outside; the warm weather is going to smear it all over the place, but a neutral lip liner will keep it where it should be.

Next, remember to apply something moisturizing on your lips first – or you risk drying them out completely. It’s a good idea to bring some of your favorite products with you to freshen up during the day, which I’m sure you’re already doing. Before you grab the usual bag, check out this selection to boost those summer vibes a bit.

Try to achieve that fresh feeling of freedom you have at the beach after a long day in the sun; with a golden face, relaxed happiness, and a casual style to stay cool. It is, of course, tricky to pull off that bikini in the office – and even illegal, come to think of it, but try to apply the same mindset to those extra hot days.

Go easy on yourself and remember that less is more, particularly when the weather can make you more beautiful naturally.


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