The Final Countdown To Happy Ever After – Finishing Touches For Your Wedding Preparations

After months, or possibly even years, or planning your magical wedding, the big day is nearly here. Unfortunately, you’ve probably realized that you weren’t nearly as organized as you though. Don’t panic just yet; you can salvage those plans with a few very simple finishing touches.

Here are six simple suggestions that will guide you down the final stretch with far greater success. Some people might not think they’ll make much of an impact at this stage, but ‘aisle’ be the first to say “I do.” Your magical wedding awaits.

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#1. Become The Image Of Perfection

There’s never been a day where your appearance will seem as crucial as it does on the big day. The wedding dress and groom’s suit may have been perfect when you bought them, but your bodies may have changed. Finding a local suit tailor that can make the necessary adjustments on both outfits can save the day. As well as making you look great, it will leave you feeling comfortable and confident.

All eyes are going to be on you throughout the big day. With this in mind, it may also be worth doing a test run of bridal makeup and groom’s grooming routines. Realizing that you’ve made a bad decision on the day itself simply isn’t an option.

#2. Settle Bills

There’s no escaping the fact that the wedding day is one of the most expensive in your entire life. As such, you may not settle some of the bills until the very last minute. However, clearing those costs will give you a clearer mind. Just make sure that you gain payment confirmations. No newlywed couple wants to face claims from dishonest vendors.

It is possible that some costs won’t be finalized until after the big day. These could include bar tabs and similar items that are influenced by the usage. Still, knowing that you’re on top of those financial commitments will allow you to start the new chapter on the strongest foot.

#3. Know Timings

In truth, you’ll probably deviate slightly from the schedule. Nonetheless, timings are important for your big day, especially if you want it to run smoothly. Therefore, making a few phone calls to confirm those plans is advised.

If staying in a hotel overnight, you may wish to confirm the check-in and check-out times. Meanwhile, confirming the wedding entertainment times will put your mind at greater ease. When you’re not worrying about the external influences, you can start to place greater focus on yourselves. If that doesn’t improve the final preparations, and the day itself, what will?

#4. Perfect Your Pose

Once it arrives, your wedding day will fly by. Frankly, the only thing that will make those months of planning seem worthwhile is if you can look back on it and smile. That will become far more likely when you have captured those magical moments in the form of great wedding photos. However, it’s not all about choosing the right photographer.

A photographer can only work with what’s in front of the camera. This guide to looking your best in those snaps will ensure that the final product is far greater. Turn those images into canvas art and photo books to brighten up your home. When you can reminisce on the big day in a positive manner, the time and money invested will seem worthwhile.

#5. Run Through Important Moments

The wedding day is a ceremonious day filled with many iconic moments. You’ve probably gone through them on many occasions over the weeks and months leading up to the big event. However, final rehearsals are always a good thing.

If you’ve written your own vows, you’ll want to do this separately. Meanwhile, you should practice the first dance, speeches, and other key moments. You’ll only get one shot at the big day and won’t want to make any mistakes. The more you practice, the less likely that outcome will be. If nothing else, it should help you mentally prepare.

#6. Confirm Seating Plans

The wedding should be about the happy couple, and you don’t want family frictions to get in the way. Sadly, it’s very rare to have two families where everyone gets along. Therefore, going through your seating plans to avoid potential animosity is key. Otherwise, the dream day could soon turn into a nightmare.

The best man/men and other key guests should be drilled on how to handle potentially difficult guests too. In the very worst cases, you may have to take the drastic measures of banning people from the big day. After all, your happiness is paramount. As long as you have that, everything else is just a bonus.


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