The Natural Beauty Look Has Never Gone Out Of Style

Although modern style trends may fool some people, the majority of society has never truly veered away from the natural beauty look. There are so many women who feel they can only be desired if they look a certain way or are able to pull off a certain look a particular celebrity is wearing. The truth is that most of the time, self-consciousness gets the better of us and we play along with what may be perceived as modern beauty standards. The somewhat bizarre thing is, the natural beauty look actually takes less effort and time to get and maintain than any conventional makeup look or trend on the market. Granted it takes discipline to achieve and even more so to make sure you’re able to make it look effortless. However, if you’re ready to take off the layers you’re hiding behind and do a little facial spring cleaning, there are some things you must do.

Natural Face Scrub

Better skin

A lot of the time, women put foundation on because they don’t like the tone of their skin and the natural look may bother them. But, for the natural beauty looks which feature in gothic paintings, and various works of art, the skin should be totally natural. All that you need to do is to have great circulation and an understanding of how you get clear skin. Blemishes are little patches where bacteria has formed, either through a scratch on the surface and your natural oils mixing with the wound or a slight injury. You can use homemade scrubs that work with your natural oils and don’t block your pores. They can bring a certain amount of sheen to your skin, resulting in a smooth and clear surface. You should also drink a lot of water as hydration helps in maintaining a lovely plump torsion to your skin, giving it a natural bounce.

Dental Powder

Fix your smile

Unfortunately for many people, they have very little to no enamel on their teeth which protects them from staining or permanent discoloration. Buy a teeth whitening kit from the market, which has been tried and tested by many consumers. The best products will have the lowest amount of chemicals and an abundance of natural ingredients like aloe vera. Moreover, if your teeth are crooked, and you don’t want to go through a long period where you need to wear braces, you can get fitted for an invisible brace treatment such as Invisalign. It’s great for crowding, closing spaces between teeth, fixing an underbite or overbite. They’re great for adults as you don’t need to have metal braces fixed as for some this might give off a juvenile image.

Lemon Candy Eye Serum & Collagen Masks

Bags under the eyes

Black circles can form around your eyes, and your skin can begin to sag under your eyelids if you don’t get enough sleep or drink enough water. To get brighter looking eyes, get at least the normal 8 hours of sleep every day, and make no exceptions. Equally, you can very gently, rub acidic textures on your eyes, such as cuts of lemon, lime and kiwis to drain that tired look away. The acid in the fruit and vegetables helps to revitalize your skin with a pop and bang of fresh new color coming through.

Getting the au’ natural look takes time and consistency. However, once you’ve got beautiful clear and healthy skin, all you need to do is maintain it. The exact same with your smile because once crooked teeth have been fixed, use a whitening kit to get the whole package.


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