#WCW: Dani Benner Sauter

I’m honestly not sure if I hit my stride as a blogger until I met Dani of Blonde in the District, and through her, the fantastic network of women who meet monthly-ish at Bubbles & Bloggers events. Like most bloggers I’ve met, Dani and I found each other on social media and I was actually at the first B&B event- it wasn’t even called that! We picked the name after entirely too many mimosas (at least on my part) and the name seemed fitting.

I am entirely in awe of Dani. She founded this little group that has snowballed into a bit of a phenomenon, just so she could get bloggers and local beauty/ fashion names together and collaborating. She also works full time, runs her own blog, and has become on of my best friends (she’s also a great Secret Santa!) I have said this SO. MANY. TIMES. but she is a huge reason that I took the leap to rebrand my blog and stretch my wings as a blogger. I will be forever grateful to her for that.

I also cannot get over her style! Mixing glam with street-style is not easy to do- and she nails it! JC of Bailiwick Clothing, coined it “grit and glam” and I think that covers it.

10 songs for a perfect sound track

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

Homecoming- Kanye West

Flawless- Beyoncé

We Found Love- Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

Red Lights- Tiesto

Juicy- Notorious BIG

Young Blood- The Naked and Famous

Little Red Corvette (Dance Mix)- Prince

Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order

It’s Now or Never- Elvis

9 words to describe you

Ambitious; caring; fair; stylish; confident; bright; loyal; inspired; dreamer

8 reasons that you love your life

My family and friends; DC in the Spring; Memories of my mom; Wonderful travel experiences I’ve had; The freedom I have as an American woman; Having videos of baby animals at my fingertips 24/7 on the internet; For successes I’ve made; and For successes I plan to make.

7 essentials in your closet

My Gucci Boston Bag; a red faux fur stole; Zophia CEO skirt; a pair of black classic pumps/booties; sequins dress; a black wrap jacket; and an extravagant dressing robe.

6 non-electronic things you can’t live without

My husband, David; My cat, Chloe; Photo albums from my childhood; Lipstick; Coffee; Champagne.

5 people who have impacted your life

My mom for teaching me the importance of being a strong woman; my dad for teaching me loyalty and honesty; Lady Gaga for inspiring me to be confident in my early 20’s and love myself; Kanye West for inspiring me to reach for my dreams; and my College English Professor, Jolanta Wawrzycka, for teaching me to appreciate travel.

4 places you’d like to visit

Egypt to see the Pyramids; Florence, Italy- I’ve already been here but I want to go back to see the Gucci museum and have a latte w/the Gucci logo in the foam; Graceland in Memphis, TN; and Norway- my ancestors were Vikings!

3 unpopular opinions you have

My appreciation for Kanye West; I think Ben’s Chili Bowl is way overrated; I don’t like The Wizard of Oz.

2 things that scare you

Sharks, although they are fascinating creatures; and darkness.

1 quote to live by

“Reach for the stars so if you fall you land on a cloud.”- Kanye West, Homecoming

Pictures used with permission from Dani




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