Wedding Hair

There are so many things to think about when it comes to planning a wedding. You want the perfect venue, with the perfect number of guests. You have to find the perfect dress, one that complements your figure, and is in just the right shade of white for your skin tone. You can worry yourself about entertaining, writing your own vows – and the list does truly go on and on.

In the midst of all this, you have to make a decision about something you do every single day – something that, given this is meant to be the happiest day of your life, is going to take on a whole new level of importance. Making the choice for how you wear your hair for your wedding is not one of the biggest ones in the grand scheme of things – but what bride doesn’t want to look back on her photos and feel everything was perfect?

Stripped bare, this tends to come down to one of two options: up, or down?

Rhinestone Bridal Hair Comb

The Classic Bride: The Updo

There’s no doubt that if there is a ‘classic’ hairstyle for brides, then it’s the updo like the one featured at Usually complete with a few braids and twists for interest, it’s a simple style that allows the gown you choose to take center stage.

While it looks effortless and chic, what goes into to making this style work is anything but effortless. For one thing, you’re going to have to be prepared to be on the receiving end of (what feels like) several liters of hairspray. What’s more, your hair might not play ball. Most of the photos you see of this style tend to be done on models with thick, long hair – which is fairly rare in the average populace. You may need to grab a brush for an arm-exercising session of backcombing or add in a few pieces from to get the high, voluminous style that characterizes this look. A few pins can definitely add interest, but insert them incorrectly and they will pull on your scalp – so advance with care.

On the upside (pun not intended, but appreciated): it’s the classic for a reason. It looks great and, done correctly, will see you through to the end of the wedding.

Bridal Silk Flower Crown

The Fairy tale: Long, Loose, Flowing Curls

If you prefer a more ethereal look, then long curls flowing over your shoulders can give you a fairy tale effect with minimal effort. The problem with this style is that it relies a lot more on your own hair to create the effect. Extensions are an option, of course, but they’ll need to be good quality to give that flowing water feeling.
On the plus side, it’s relatively simple to maintain this style throughout the day – especially if you have curly hair to begin with. You can accessorize the look as you please, with sparkly hair slides or even flowers if you fancy a little 1960s flower-power inspiration. It’s worth considering a deep-conditioning treatment before the day itself; your hair is going to be on show, so it needs to look its best.

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