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Good morning and happy Friday, my loves ! I know there are a ton of really strong feelings about today’s inauguration but I think my favorite thing that I’ve seen is this letter that I came across on Facebook written by a man named Nevin Martel:

An open letter to everyone visiting Washington, D.C. this week:
Welcome to our home. This may simply be the nation’s capital to you, but this region is where millions of your fellow citizens raise their families, work hard, and strive to fulfill their dreams.
More than half of us were born elsewhere, so we can empathize with visitors. We know what it feels like to come here and feel like a stranger. If you find yourself lost, need help navigating public transportation, or are looking for a recommendation on where to eat or what to do, feel free to ask one of us.
We just have one ask of you.
Whether you’re here for the inauguration or to protest, please be respectful.
By all means make your voices heard. Commiserate. Celebrate. Champion a cause.
But don’t trash our home. Don’t insult the people who live here. Don’t make it hard for local business owners and their employees to do their jobs.
We hope you enjoy your time here and consider coming back again. Maybe when it isn’t as crowded, so you can get into all the museums you want to visit and it’s not difficult to get a reservation at the restaurant you want to try.
All the best,
A proud Washingtonian

Speaking of DC (as always), who remembers old(ish) Georgetown? When I was in college, I used to come home and, after a few crushes at Rugby, cry because I missed DC so much. Rugby, Third Edition, Rhino- those were my spots! My mom had a different set when she was hanging out there pre-Caroline, but Georgetown was her playground too with The Tombs, J. Paul’s, and Nathan’s.  And while some people believe that the fun, young life of Georgetown may be circling back around to what it was 10, even 5 years ago, restaurateur Fritz Brogan says DC is a different city now. And maybe it’s just me, but I much prefer HH chorizo quesadillas & too many margs at Mission to being called old & fat by a drunk college kid at Chinese Disco.

Girl, I feel ya (on some level) as a blogger. No we will not post your crap for free: Hair stylist to Marla Maples: No free services in exchange for Inauguration Day ‘exposure’.

One of my favorite things is when Daddy D makes me a grilled cheese. But this wine & cheese pairing ON A SAMMICH takes it to a whole new level.

As a yoga lover + a studier of trends, I’m digging the tropical look favored by yogis right now!

This weather is some nonsense right? Can’t make up its mind! Roxanne is here to help!

Be safe this weekend, whatever your plans are!


With the sudden surge in popularity of sites such as Etsy, Artfire and Craftsy, it’s cooler than ever to get creative. Knitting, cross stitch embroidery and illustration are just a few examples of crafts that have had a resurgence in recent years. Buyers seem to want items with a more unique, handmade quality instead of just buying mass produced all the time. So if you enjoy unleashing your crafty side, there’s potential for you to make a profit from your hobby. You never know, selling online may even become a full-time job. To get you inspired, here are three examples of crafts you can make and sell online for a profit.

Colorful Friendship Bracelet


From simple friendship bracelets to statement necklaces, jewelry has endless possibilities. This is why it is such a fantastic product you can make and sell online. Jewelry makes a great gift for men, women and children, plus it is an item many people will treat themselves to. So there will always be a need eye-catching and beautiful jewellery. If you love jewellery and have an eye for small details, this should be something you should consider selling. To get started, take a look at what other jewellery makers are selling and for what price. Then you can come up with some fun designs and buy your materials in bulk from wholesalers such as Try to start with simple jewellery such as charm bracelets and simple necklaces to begin with so you can get used to constructing the pieces.

Personalized tote bag

Tote Bags

As with jewelry, tote bags are another product that will always be needed. With more and more stores banning the use to plastic bags, totes make the perfect shopping bag. If you enjoy sewing and customizing fabrics, this could be the option for you. With tote bags being so in demand and with countless options online, you need to make yours stand out. You could try using novelty retro fabrics such as these from They will give your designs a nostalgic quality and be unlike any other. You could use these fabrics all over the bag or just as a small decorative feature. Think about creating a variety of sizes to suit a number of different needs and widen your audience. Or you could offer a personalized feature. This allows your customers to design their own tote, which gives you an amazing unique selling point.


Candles are still as popular as ever and make a fantastic gift for birthdays and valentines day. If you have the patience, you can make your own decorative candles at home to sell. They are another highly versatile items and are easier to make than you think. Use the instructions on This will help get you started and you’ll be so inspired by the fantastic candles you can make. You could insert your candle wax into vintage teacups and let them set. These would make beautiful table decorations for weddings and take little time to create.

These are just three examples of items you can make and sell online. So get creative and earn yourself an extra income today.

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while that is definitely the case, it’s not always that easy to be kind when you’re looking at yourself. For whatever reason, we always want more. We want to be more beautiful, healthier, and happier. So much so, that it can feel like we’re on an endless mission to make it happen. Now, knowing that you can get there in half the time is a good thing, right? Well, you can. Beauty tips exist for a reason: to be used. So read on, discover something new and start liking what you see when you look at yourself, by finally becoming the best version of yourself.


Sleep Straight

A lot of people underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleeping not only helps us to get more energy, but it’s also great for beauty too. Hence the saying ‘beauty sleep’. When you sleep well (think 7 hours or more), your body can repair. When it repairs, collagen is made! And we all know that collagen is a wonder for keeping wrinkles at bay. Plus, if you can, try to sleep on your back – it’s the only way to stop your skin from wrinkling while you sleep.

Love Oils

If you’ve always wanted to improve the appearance of your hair, you’re going to want to start showing oils some love. You might think that oils will make your hair greasier, but when you use them correctly, they do the exact opposite. They’re nourishing, smoothing and even give your hair that celeb-grade shine. Add coconut, argan, or almond oil to your ends, and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Reducing Cellulite

Cellulite is something we all suffer from. No matter how big or small your body is, all women have cellulite somewhere, at some point in their lives. You think that would make it all the more accepting, but it doesn’t. So, instead, we need to work on that. But, before you rush ahead and think you need liposuction to fix it, you can try home remedies. Body brushing is a great way to increase blood flow and break down your cellulite and reduce it’s appearance. So give it a try before you opt for more radical alternatives.

Brighten Up

We always think about our body size and how we look, but we often neglect some of the more important details – like our eyes. Our eyes have the power to say so much. They express emotions and display our health. So, you need to start taking more care. Eye drops are a way to do that, especially the kind that keep them moisturized and brighten up the whites.

Boosting Radiance

If there were one eternal beauty issue that we’d all be chasing the answer for, it would be radiant skin. Skin care can cover so much, but when your skin is fresh, radiant and dewy, nothing else matters. Despite popular opinion, radiant skin is attainable. By exfoliating regularly to remove dead skill cells and staying hydrated (both inside with water and outside with moisturizer), radiant skin can quite easily be yours.

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While eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise is vital for our well being, when it comes to shedding pounds are we doing everything we can to reach our goal weight? Lots of spas claim that certain treatments, or procedures can help speed up weight loss but do they actually work? Check out the futuristic sounding treatments that even have science on their side!

Nemacolin Woodlands Spa

Cool Sculpting

Imagine lying there while a beauty technician tells you that by freezing fat you can lose weight. You’d think she was having you on right? Actually no. Studies show that by applying the cooling treatment, it’s specialized so don’t go climbing in the freezer, to problem areas such as pudgy arms, flabby bellies or chunky thighs when it freezes fat cells they start to die. When these fat cells die off you could see a 20 percent reduction in your weight, although this doesn’t tend to happen until a couple of months have passed. Interested? You might want to save up first as this bespoke CoolSculpting treatment isn’t cheap, you’re looking at around $1,800 per session but, unlike other faddy treatments, it does work.

Seaweed Body Wrap

Out of all the treatments we’re talking about the seaweed, or cloth body wrap will seem the most relaxing. First, you’re bound up like an ancient Egyptian mummy while the mineral soaked cloth soaks through to your skin. Then you simply lie there under a warm, or heated blanket as he cloth draws out  water weight from your body. The treatment itself works you’ll end up losing between six to 20 inches in your first treatment alone but is it safe? We’re not totally sure because it leaves you feeling severely dehydrated, which isn’t good for anyone and as soon as you have a drink or two all the water floods back into your system.

Laser Therapy

We know that it sounds more than a little ominous putting yourself in front of a high-intensity infrared beam. But if you’re serious about losing weight quickly, you may be pleased to know that a single session could help you slim down. So how does it work? The Vela Shape 11 is a deep tissue massage treatment combined with a infrared light that aims to ‘shrink’ yes shrink fat from the areas you’re struggling with. Each session lasts around 20 to 40 minutes and participants have successfully lost inches from their thighs, stomachs and arms as well as feeling slimmer overall. It’s fairly budget friendly too with each session costing between $300, and $600 and is performed all over the country.

Steam Sauna

Unless you’ve been living under the rock the chances are you’ve been in a sauna or two before. Saunas work by ridding your body of any impurities, they are drawn out through the skin while you sweat buckets in a heated, room or wood lodge. While the theory of a sauna doesn’t sound too pleasant in reality they leave you feeling recharged, refreshed and quite relaxed. Some spas also like to add aromatherapy oils such as lavender, rosemary and orange zest to the stream to create a sweet-smelling atmosphere.

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There is an impulse in all of us to keep looking as young as possible for as long as possible. It’s not hard to see where it comes from – there is so much attention and speculation directed at celebs who show signs of ageing.

And while the impulse is felt by men as well as women, it is more likely that you’ll be judged if you’re female. Let’s face it, male actors who start to show wrinkles and gray hair will still get jobs, but the list of ladies who keep getting called back is shorter.

Julia Andrews via POPSUGAR

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a celebrity. People in the public eye become the standard by which we are all judged. So, when a guy finds a gray hair, it’s time to move from a Ryan Reynolds state of mind to a George Clooney. When a woman does, it’s easy to panic. Here begins the countdown to being old and on the scrapheap.

Why We Seek To Push Back Ageing

It’s not just gray hair that can make us feel like we’re on a downward slope. We can also, all too easily, find a wrinkle or line on our skin and feel that the end has begun. While men can get into their forties without feeling the hand of time on their back, women don’t seem to get the same space.

It just takes a look at the number of Hollywood actors with long careers on both genders to see how this goes. Men, once there, can work for sixty years or more. Women frequently fall out of the picture the moment they turn fifty. But the scary thing is that a lady can still be in her twenties when people start to comment on how they don’t look as young anymore.

Sunday Riley – Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

What’s The Right Response?

As I’ve said before on this blog, it is never too early to put in place a regular skincare regime. Nourishing the skin will allow it to retain its elasticity and health for longer. The right makeup and dressing to flatter your best assets will also make a difference. What you shouldn’t do is hurry to cosmetic surgery.

Let’s be clear about it; surgery can work. When someone chooses to go that way, they shouldn’t face judgement for it. But at the same time, it’s true that there are hundreds of cosmetic surgery negligence claims every year. Being too hasty to make a change is one thing. It becomes much worse when compounded by a botched job.

What Else Can You Do?

It’s easy to say that we should ignore the standards placed upon us by society. Fly our own flag and love ourselves. This would be a preferable way to go, but when it can affect your ability to get a job, that’s not so easy. There are signs of the double standard being addressed, and maybe attitudes aren’t that far from changing.

In the meantime it’s never a bad idea to have a healthy skincare and hair regime – the right diet helps in both cases – and to get enough sleep. Staying natural and confident will do more to quieten those little voices than anything else.

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