Being asked to be a friend’s bridesmaid at their wedding is a true honor! You will get to go dress shopping with them to find a dreamy dress and will have a lot of responsibility on the big day. After the bride and groom, all the bridesmaids are some of the biggest players in the wedding ceremony! Not sure what you will need to do on the big day? Here are some traditional bridesmaid duties.

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Co-Host The Bachelorette Party

One of the main jobs that all the bridesmaids will have to do is organize the big bachelorette party before the wedding. Normally, it is up to the maid-of-honor to make all the big decisions for the party, such as how you will celebrate and think about venues and guests. All the other bridesmaids will be asked to help to book venues, organize food, and collect RSVP replies. This is the final party your friend will have while she’s single, so it is important that you give her the send off that she deserves!

Record All The Gifts

The bride usually asks the bridesmaids to take care of all the presents that she and her new hubby receive on the day of the wedding. Most bridesmaids decide to make a record of all the unique wedding gifts, including names of which guest gave which gift. This way, the bride, and groom will be able to send personal thank you cards to each guest. As a bridesmaid, you will also be responsible for collecting all the gifts from the guests. If there is a table set aside for presents, you can arrange them neatly on there. If not, you might have to speak to the venue owner to see if there is anywhere where you can store them until the reception is over.

Last-Minute Errands

The whole point of bridesmaids is that they help the bride with anything that she may need on her special day. So expect to be given lots of little errands to do on the day right at the last minute! These could be tasks of any shape or form. For instance, the bride might just want someone on hand to make cups of tea while she is getting her hair and makeup done. Or maybe she wants someone who can run out and take a quick message to the groom’s party. No matter what she requests, as her bridesmaid, it is your duty to see that it gets done!

Watch The Train

If the bride has chosen a wedding dress with a long train, you and all your fellow bridesmaids will be responsible for looking after it. You will need to carry it behind her when she walks down the aisle. It is also important that you bustle up the train before the bride starts dancing at the reception. Otherwise, she may end up tripping over it!

You certainly won’t be bored on your friend’s wedding day. As you can see, being a bridesmaid is a lot more than just wearing a pretty dress!

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If you’re unhappy with a certain aspect of your appearance, and have tried all the quick fixes, having cosmetic surgery can seem like a permanent solution. Cosmetic surgery is not only pricey, but it is also irreversible. The flaws you see today may not always appear so negative to you as you grow up. A less drastic measure is to have non-invasive cosmetic surgery. Basically its treatments that are more affordable, less painful, and more accessible than cosmetic surgery. If you’re not happy with a certain aspect of your appearance, but don’t want to commit to a cosmetic surgery procedure, take a look at these non-invasive options below…

Botulinum Toxin Injection

This is a very popular procedure which helps to reverse the signs of ageing. The injection is so popular because it manages to restore volume around the eye and lift your eyebrows- all without any surgery. This quick fix relaxes the muscles in the forehead and is being called the must have non-surgical eye lift. The results of the injections last for about 4 months.

The plus side of this treatment is that it works quickly and gives your eyes a lift. It takes little time and the costs are much lower than that of surgical procedures. Another great thing about this treatment is the minimal side effects. These can include redness and swelling, but usually patients are fine after treatment.

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Laser Hair Removal

If you’re body hair is becoming a pain, or getting you down, laser hair removal is a great option. It’s a really popular procedure which you’ve probably heard of. Those who use it are men and women looking to do away with razors, tweezers, waxing, and epilating and achieve a pain-free smooth body. Pulses of light are aimed at problem areas in order to destroy the hair follicle. Lots of clinics now provide this treatment, and administer it in a series of appointments.

The side effects can be itchy or painful skin after treatment. Swelling, acne, and skin discoloration are also all side effects you may experience. These should all pass within a matter of weeks.


Having veneers is a form of cosmetic dentistry. Porcelain veneers are particularly popular as they can mimic the shades found in natural teeth. Veneers are becoming more and more popular as people seek stronger and healthier teeth.  Veneers can also be used to reshape teeth that have been chipped or cracked

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Cellulite Treatment

Fed up of using creams and balms, but not wanting to have cosmetic surgery, lots of women opt for cellulite treatment. Endermologie, or Mechanical Massage treatment, works by increasing the blood circulation and stimulating the lymph system. This removes any unwanted toxins and fluid.

There are very few reports of serious side effects after the treatment. Some may find the sucking motion painful, but most find it uncomfortable. You could also experience some bruising where the machine has been pulling the skin.

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Getting fit can be a bit of a chore. Going to the gym forces us to summon up more motivation than we sometimes have. Plus, some of us feel self-conscious working out in front of others, or are simply bored of the rowing machine! Getting fit should be fun. That’s the only way we’ll actually stick to any fitness routine. Add some enjoyment to your exercise with by trying these workouts…

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Boot Camp Style Obstacle Courses

Who said obstacle courses were just for kids? An obstacle course, or circuit, is a fun way of packing loads into a workout. Move from one exercise to the next and time yourself at each stop. This type of workout is best performed outdoors. You’ll need the space, but it’s also more fun to do this outside. Challenge yourself to increase the amount of reps at each stop on your course weekly. Circuit style courses are great cardio exercises and will increase your strength and stamina. Include some jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups and tricep dips in your circuit.


Getting fit through dancing is nothing new, but it is seriously fun. Zumba classes are becoming so popular. This aerobic workout is a great way to shed some weight, have fun, and work on your footwork! Zumba incorporates movements from all types of dance from salsa to flamenco, ballroom dancing to street style dancing. Not only does dance help you to work on your poise but it can tone up your abs, thighs, and glutes. It’s a fun way to meet new people and get fit whilst socializing.

Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping is a fun new fitness trend that can be done indoors or outside. It works by exercising and tightening your core muscles. Over time, hula hooping can tone abs and improve balance too. These hoops are a fuss-free way of exercising. Invest in a hoop, clear a space, and get spinning! The great thing about this exercise is you can have a chat whilst you workout.


Similar to hula hooping this is a fun way to get fit without even realizing it. Trampolining is actually a great alternative for those looking to put less pressure on their joints and muscles. The low impact nature of this workout means that you can bounce away without straining muscles.

Skating and Rollerblading

Dust off your skates if you want a seriously fun workout. Skating and rollerblading is an aerobic exercise which will tone your bum, encourage good balance, and work stomach muscles. This is a really fun exercise to do as part of a group. Get your friends together on the weekend and head to the park for a fun and effective workout session. With these fun workouts and inspiration there’s no reason not to get out there and get fitter!

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The older I get, the more I enjoy nights in, especially with my girls. Actually, my favorite girls’ night out started with snacks and champs at Sarah’s apartment. That was the best part of the night for me, just hanging out and chatting with some gal pals! How do you GNI(n)?

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Eat Some Excellent Food

The number one important ingredient of a girls’ night in is, without question, pizza. If there’s an awkward moment, pizza. If you want to celebrate some good news, pizza. If you have a hankering for cheese but you don’t want to peel those orangey slices off their plastic and eat them by themselves shamefully right out of the fridge yet again, then guess what? Pizza – which can also be replaced by cookie dough, Chinese food, or anything else delicious and vaguely unhealthy. Baking together is always a fun activity, although you must under all circumstances veer away from anything fruit based or overly complicated. No one has time to peel apples tonight. All you really want to do is eat frosting out of a bowl with a spoon. No one is focusing on your culinary prowess. Instead you must focus on the all important task of alternating cheesy and chocolatey snacks and washing them down with wine, and then feeling nauseous at two am, and telling yourself that it was absolutely worth it.

Get Spooky

If you cannot explore the spiritual world with your best friends then who can you explore the spiritual world with? Your mother gets maudlin and your partner laughs at you and you gave your children nightmares when you explained the plot of The Others to them, and anyway, let’s face it: there’s no one in the world as good as your girl friends when you want to shriek and be afraid and also have oddly serious thoughts about your mortality. The number one piece of advice here is: don’t use a Ouija board, under no circumstances use a Ouija board, your mother was absolutely right to ban them from your house because they’re awful and a picture will fall off your wall and you’ll think “That’s it, I suppose I’ll just be haunted by a poltergeist until I die, I regret all of my life decisions”, but other than that, go crazy. Learn to read each other’s palms, break out a set of tarot cards, call a live psychic chat hotline to find out what exactly is going to be happening to each of you over the coming years (and commiserate, with plenty of wine, if your eternally single and unhappy about it friend is going to remain just that).

Talk To Each Other

As you get older, the time you get with your friends lessens, and it also seems to lessen in quality unless you make an effort. Gone are the days when you and your college roommate would stay up all night talking about your unsuitable boyfriends and what a jerk your econ professor was – and although, if you’re married, your husband has probably taken her place, it’s a lot harder to talk to him about the way your bra fits and the importance of feminism. We need our female friends in our lives. They are the ones you’ll be cackling alongside in your nursing home when you’re eighty and watching Magic Mike together for the six hundredth time. Woman cannot rely on man alone, especially when the conversation is made up of “Menstrual cups: discuss”. The most blessed and wonderful thing about your friends is the judgement free conversations that you’ll have with them. Love them, bask in them, and make plans to have them far more often.

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One of the hardest things that you will ever learn in life is how to love yourself. There are many life lessons that can be taught as we grow up, and even more so into adulthood, but the day that we truly accept ourselves for what we are, whether good or bad, is monumental; it is something that most people get to the ends of their lives without doing. Sure you can give love to other people and show it in abundance, but it’s Number One that you need to look out for.

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With that in mind, here are some great ways to get back in touch with yourself…

Make a Date

Spend some time alone. Take yourself for a coffee, or even dinner if you’re feeling brave enough. There is some weird arbitrary notion that these are things that you have to do with people, sort of as a socialisation process; this isn’t the case at all. Keep a date with yourself and sit with your own thoughts; the more time you spend with other people, the more you are aware of what you are doing. Have you ever thought about what the other person is ordering to influence what you are choosing? You may want something huge as you haven’t eaten in ages, but you tried to keep up appearances by picking a smaller dish just because your companion had? It’s not on. Stick by your own decisions and honor them.

Make a Change

If you really aren’t happy with something that’s on your body, take the step to get it sorted out. Whether this is something as simple as the colour of your hair or something that needs a tad more consideration such as implant surgery options, there are ways and means to get around it – especially with such open availability to get any change seen to at a time when is convenient to you. You shouldn’t feel pressured by anybody else to make these changes; don’t let anybody bully you into what you should be doing with your body.

Make a Point

Surround yourself with those who are in the same frame of mind as you. If you are insecure about your weight, get involved with the Body Positive/Fat Community – once you start using the same positive language and take the same stance on life with a plethora of people doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts around you, you won’t feel so alone with loving yourself. There are some great examples of people out there to follow to instigate a loving relationship with yourself; you just have to know where to find them. Danielle Vanier is a really body-confident person to follow on Instagram, and Bethany Rutter is a glorious example of kick-ass positivity on Twitter; but these are just two social platforms to get involved with. Do your own research online on the social media of your choice and using the keywords that interest you or are relatable to you to click in with those who will matter in helping you realize just how much you matter too.

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