First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reached out to Kendall + I yesterday after seeing our engagement story. I’m still in shock and awe of the fact that not only do I get to spend the rest of my life with the man who planned such an amazing surprise for me, but also that we have so many people who are so happy for us. It has touched my heart and I tear up every time I think about it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

With that, I wanted to get back to regular programming, despite the fact I’ve been bursting into happy tears off and on since Sunday.

Originally, I had this post scheduled for yesterday, but obviously I had something really important to say so today we’re talking graphic sweatshirts! I’ve always loved clothes that literally make a statement, to the point that in high school my mom had to squash my spending. “You don’t need anymore t shirts that say things.” I have gotten away from the look a little, usually opting for an oversized solid t or something striped, but I can’t help but slipping into babies like the ones below for a casual weekend or over my gym clothes. I actually like to pair them with jeans and booties for casual Friday too.

1.Juniors’ Mickey Mouse Graphic Sweatshirt||2.FIFTH SUN The Lion King Brushed Fleece Sweatshirt- Juniors||3.Freeze Long Sleeve Sweatshirt-Juniors

4.Give it to me I’m Worth it (Pizza) Crewneck Sweater||5.Crewneck – For Fox Sake – Sweater Jumper Pullover||6.Collecting Tears For My Potion Crewneck Sweater

7.White Drawing Print Sweatshirt||7.Orange Print Loose Green Sweatshirt

9.Lucky Sweatshirt||10.Je t’adore Embroidered Sweatshirt||11.Wifey Sweatshirt – Burgundy

12.Black Printed Cat Ear Hoodie With Pocket||13.Hybrid Juniors’ Hangry Graphic Sweatshirt||14.WILLIAM RAST Veruca Dream Acoustic Graphic Sweatshirt

A romantic getaway is a little bit different to any other require – it’s a time for the two of you to kick back and relax, but also to get closer, reacquaint yourselves with each other, and have a good giggle. For this reason alone, a romantic getaway needs to have a few luxurious elements that any other vacation might not require. Yes, it might cost a little bit more, but you both totally deserve it. If you’ve got a romantic getaway on the horizon, consider adding one or two of these elements for the ultimate couple’s relaxation vacation.

1960s Tahiti Vacation

Book the honeymoon suite

Even if it’s not your honeymoon, if you can afford it, why not? There is no other room in the hotel more geared towards romance and intimacy, so you might as well go for it. And if it’s been a few years since your honeymoon, why not relive it in style?

Travel in style

Traveling from the airport to your hotel, and even around the area in which you’re vacationing, can be quite stressful without car hire, particularly if you choose to travel by public transport. Why not, for a treat, hire a limo service to give you the luxury travel you deserve? You’ll never have to worry about getting from A to B, and you’ll feel like royalty.

Watch the sun rise and set

If you can deal with the early rise, seeing the sun rise over your island, the beach, or the city can be really stunning, and thoroughly romantic. If you’ve had a heavy night the night before, or you’re just not morning people, then the sunset also works. Lazing on the beach with a cocktail after a hard day of relaxation with the person you love is the ultimate unforgettable luxury.

Take a couple’s massage

We all need some of the stress of everyday life working out of our shoulders, and a day in the spa is by far the best way to feel pampered and relaxed. A couple’s massage is a great time to relax and bond together, while someone works out all the kinks and knots in your shoulders. Check out what treatments your spa offers, or look further afield at some of the other spas in the area. You both deserve it.

Seek out the romantic restaurants

A candlelit meal is the ultimate romantic experience, and a vacation is the best way to find a tucked away taverna with the best food on the island. Sharing a bottle of local wine and some delicious food is amazing, but when you add a touch of luxury you’ve got one of the most intimate and unforgettable experience, so make sure you do your research before you set off.

Keep a scrapbook

Keeping your memories safe after a lovely holiday is really important, and being able to look back on them fondly in years to come is amazing too. Keep the tickets and receipts for everything you do, everywhere you visit, and every romantic meal you share, and put them all into a scrapbook to look back on with fondness.

A romantic getaway only needs the two of you to be amazing, but when you add a touch of luxury, you can create something really special.

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Heading into spring and summer, it’s nice to be able to embrace our inner hippy and enjoy the floaty, beautiful fabric and festival chic styles that the warmer weather allows us. The light, flowing material is inherently flattering and feminine, covering a multitude of sins, and the accessories are to die for – there’s certainly a good reason that boho chic seems to be here to stay. If you want to embrace the look, but you’re not sure where to start, here are some staple pieces to get your hands on.

Island Maxi Skirt

Floaty skirts

It’s all about the floor-length, floaty skirt in all manner of beautiful and striking patterns. Coupled with a cute box tee and sandals, the look is pretty much complete – it’s as simple as that. A maxi dress is even more straightforward, and looks beautiful dressed up for the evening with heels and a clutch, or dressed down with a floppy hat and gladiator sandals.

Betsey Johnson Gold-Tone Blue and Clear Crystal Mismatch Drop Earrings

Mismatch jewelry

Ever lost an earring and had to trash its sad, lonely partner after you could no longer wear them as a pair? Well, the heartbreak doesn’t have to exist any more – mismatched dangley earrings are totally in style this season, and they look cute with anything bohemian. The same goes for the rings, bracelets, cute little toe rings, necklaces, and anything else you like the look of – the more mismatched the better.

Bindya Boho Nomad

Beautiful scarves

The floaty material is a central tenet of the boho look, and it extends as far as scarves too. They keep you warm in the cooler, spring evenings, and you can wrap them around your hair for an edgy way to protect your head from the bright sun or hide a bad hair day.

Dreamcatcher Pendant Necklace

Tribal accessories

The boho look is partly based on the medley of accessories available, but they all tend to have a general tribal theme. From handbags, such as a super practical tribal fanny pack, to dreamcatcher chains, there is no stone left unturned in the world of tribal accessories, so feel free to mix and match.

HENRY FERRERA Henry Ferrera Woobar Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator sandals

In the warmer weather, the gladiator sandals are cute, comfortable, and easy to wear, and they add a cute boho edge to almost anything you choose to wear them with. The brilliant thing about them is the comfort – all the strapping means they’ll never rub, so they’re great for shopping and festivals, and look really cool too.

Embrace your natural hair

The beautiful thing about the boho look is that it isn’t clean, polished, or high fashion. Messy hairstyles, smudged makeup, and even poorly fitting clothes can add an edge to the style that wouldn’t work for other fashions. This means that you can forget the lengthy styling processes you use for your hair and embrace your natural look with braids, fun accessories, a headscarf or a floppy hat. This means more time to lie in, work out, or just have fun – bonus!

The boho look is here to stay, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s wearable, comfortable, and always cute. Long live boho fashion.

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A traditional wedding day features in the dreams of many women, but for some people, it can feel a little bit prescribed or prosaic. While you probably find the tradition of it beautiful and romantic, it’s totally normal to want to inject a bit of personality and history into the big day. Many people choose to keep the general form of the wedding traditional and bring in more modern aspects to suit their personal tastes and needs. For example, they might not choose to get married in the church, hire a wedding car, or even wear a white dress. Remember that it’s your big day, and marriage traditions are only there to provide you with guidelines when you make your plans – bringing your own personality and interests in can make the day far more intimate, romantic, and even fun. Here are some things you could try to bring some individuality to your ceremony.

Bachelorette Party Banner

Start with your bachelorette party

The wedding starts before the big day, so make sure you’re not getting carried along in decisions made by other people – your bachelorette party is the final celebration of “singledom ” and it has to represent everything that has been formative in your life. Rather than follow the usual formula of a meal and a night out clubbing, bring your own, personal interests into the planning process. Are you a fan of cocktails? Why not book yourself and the girls onto a cocktail making masterclass? If you’re a bit more outdoorsy, a day of outdoor adventure followed by a night in the club might be more your cup of tea. It’s your party, make it about you.

Short wedding dress with long sleeves

What does your dress say?

More and more women are abandoning the traditional, floor-length white wedding dress for more modern styles. Some are opting for shorter dresses – far better for dancing in after all. Some do not feel that the white dress suits them, or is appropriate, especially ladies who choose to get married a little bit older. Pastel colored wedding dresses are starting to take their place, and they still look just as stunning – in fact, in Ireland it’s normal to get married in pale blue, which is their traditional color for purity. If you’re keen on the traditional dress, go for it, but don’t allow yourself to be restricted by tradition if you’d prefer to be a bit different.

Red and Green Party Wear Silk Saree

Bring in your heritage

The exciting thing about marriage is that two people come together, bringing their different histories and heritage together too. This could be as little as two different states, but it could be as much as different continents and cultures. Allowing your heritages to shine through on the day is beautifully symbolic of two people and their cultures coming together. So if he is of Scottish descendants, get him and his groomsmen in Kilts. If you’re of Indian descent, allow elements of that to come into your food and dress choices. The eclectic meeting of cultures can create a beautiful and interesting day for everyone.

Puppy flower crown

Get your pet in on the action

If you’ve got a family pet, it can be upsetting to think of them missing out on their big day. If the venue will allow it, and you trust your beloved pet not to ruin your dress, the cake, or the wedding photos, why not let them get involved? You could have them walk down the aisle with you, carry the rings, or just be there in the photos. It’s a really cute way of making sure all the family is in on your big day, even the furry members.

Let the venue speak for you

If you’re not keen on the traditional church venue, or you’d prefer somewhere with a bit of intrigue for the reception, why not veer from the norm? Teepees, specialist caves, and even haunted mansions all offer fun venues which the guests won’t forget in a hurry. If you think the traditional type venues don’t properly represent you and your future husband, look around for something a bit different – everyone will thank you for it.

Wedding Car Ribbon and Bow Accessory Kit

Travel in style

The wedding car is the common form of transport, with some brides choosing to arrive by horse-drawn carriage if they’re feeling particularly fairy tale. But why not go even further – you don’t need to arrive by traditional means at all. If you’re a horse lover, arriving on horseback is a beautiful way to enter. If you’re a bike lover, come in on the back of a bike, or in the sidecar as your maid of honor drives. Use your entrance to embrace your own personality, and give the guests a bit of a giggle too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Galvanized Bucket

Get creative with the cuisine

The traditional three-course meal can be a really expensive, and sometimes rather boring addition to the wedding reception. If you’re both lovers of a particular cuisine, your heritage is from a country famous for its amazing food, or you just fancy something a bit different, why not branch out with the catering? You could go for a full on Texas barbecue, a good old Louisiana crawfish boil, a delicious Indian buffet, or absolutely anything else. All you have to do is ensure your venue doesn’t mind you drafting in a different caterer.

Personalized Wedding Ring Box

Make your rings together

You’ll wear your rings for the rest of time, so you want them to be special to you. Couples who forge their own wedding rings are becoming more common, and it’s not difficult to see why. When you’ve put your own hard work into the rings, they’re completely unique, just like the two of you, and they’re full of the love you share for each other. Don’t worry; you don’t have to learn the skill of metal forging – many artisan jewelers offer this service for engaged couples. You can even have them engraved with a tiny quote, the date of your wedding, or the day of your first date – is there anything cuter and more romantic?

Most of all, make it about the two of you, not the expectations of family and other guests, and just enjoy your beautiful day.

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One of the best parts of organizing a night out, is getting ready. All the girls together in one flat just laughing, gossiping, beautifying themselves – it’s an experience that is part and parcel of a great night out. Just like with going on holiday, it’s the getting there that’s exciting. A night out begins with a giggle and ends with a great time with friends. It’s not all dancing and cocktails, it’s swapping lipsticks and stories about boys. It is all about choosing and scrutinizing shoes and dresses and making homemade margaritas to keep you all entertained while you get ready.

Bling makeup brush set

Putting on a little glitz and glamour is the fun of a night out so where do you start? Do you go for the outfit and accessories first? How about a little skincare routine and make-up? Personally, a great night out begins at least two days before the event. An all-over exfoliation and an application of fake tan a couple of days early can give your skin a chance to react to any issues and then you have time to fix mistakes. You need to also book yourself a hair appointment, or commandeer one of your friends to come around to yours the day or morning before to do your hair. If you’re like half the women out there that require help with your curly locks, pay attention! Hair appointments can sometimes be pricey or have no space last minute, so doing your own hair may have to happen. You need to check out sites that tell you all about the different hairdryers you can use at home for curly hair and use this site as its inspiration. Your hair deserves your time so make a point of using the right products and equipment to tame it into luscious looks you deserve to have for a night on the tiles.

Applying make-up should always be done with friends around to help. Not because you need it, but because having someone else give you a makeover is simply divine! The camaraderie of a night out with the girls you love the most is partly about the makeup. Sharing tips and tricks about contouring, showing off the new and sparkly eye shadow and having your best mates apply your new eyeliner for the flick is important bonding time. Seriously. Lastly, your outfit should be on point. Of course, this depends on where you go for the night. Cocktails require that perfect little black dress and as black is so versatile, you won’t go wrong choosing something elegantly plain. Pair the dress with a great set of heels and decorate with chunky costume jewellery to jazz up any black dress. Draw the eye to the trinkets and you will be looking amazing!

Don’t be afraid to get dressed up with your friends. Start with a shopping spree and a beauty regimen and you will feel fantastic, look fantastic and be oozing confidence while with people you love. What more could you want for yourself?

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