3 Big Beauty & Makeup Trends For Summer

A new season means new trends to go along with it. When it comes to summer fashion, the trends are much more obvious. But what about summer beauty? There is definitely a difference when it comes to summer beauty and makeup trends, but what are the things to be looking out for? In all of the shows, the clean and clear skin was very prominent, with heat-free and easy to care for hair being present too. I’m all for a bit of wash-and-go when it comes to the summer heat. Color looks to be pretty big this summer too. So I’ve compiled a few go-to trends to be looking out for this season. Are there any that you want to try?

Bright Eyeshadow Palette

Eighties Vibes

If the spring and summer shows are anything to go by, then bright eighties style colors are going to be in style in a big way. Lipsticks should be bright, and blush should be bold. Even combining the two and using some lipstick on your temples and cheekbones is the way to achieve a bold retro look. I think that some of these are the absolute best MAC lipsticks on beautifullyalive.org, what do you think? They could work well to give you pops of color. Obviously, this look isn’t for every day. But a summer party or night out would be perfect for it. So find yourself the brightest lipstick you can find…

Natural Loose Mineral Blush

The No-Makeup Look

On the flip side, and in complete contrast to the above, the no-makeup or clean skin look is also a big trend for the summer. Definitely more of an everyday look, for sure and perfect for warmer days. But if you’re not committed to the no makeup vibes like Alicia Keys, then you can still achieve this look with some subtle makeup. Some light foundation or BB cream can help to eliminate any red tones in your skin and team with a little highlighter on the upper cheekbones. Some clear mascara and some lip balm are all you’ll need, but will be better for those of us that are used to wearing something.

stila Smudge Pot

Smudgy Eye

Normally we hear all about the classic smoky eye, but for summer, the smudgy eye is where it is at. At the Balmain show, MAC studio eye gloss was applied over thick black eyeliner to help achieve this smudgy look. The look is a bit more grungy than a smoky eye and has been described as a combination of early morning and late night. So basically, there is no need to be too precise with it all. The precise cat eye with liner is not something that featured much at all in all of the spring and summer shows. So hallelujah to having a more relaxed and less precise look.

Have you got many plans over summer? Would love to hear what you think about these trends and what you are looking forward to. I love the no-makeup look for every day, but the smudgy eye sounds right up my alley!


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