6 Ways To Tackle Your Overflowing Wardrobe

Many of us are hoarders when it comes to clothing. We buy items only to realize we don’t like them and cling onto old clothes out of sentimental value. Many of us could do with a closet clear-out, but how does one begin to take on such a difficult task? Here are just a few ways that you might be able to cut down your wardrobe.

Get rid of the clothing you don’t wear

This may seem obvious and yes, it’s harder than it sounds. However, it really is the most effective way of slimming down your wardrobe. A good solution is to use the coat hanger method. This involves turning all the hangers so that they’re facing you. Every time you wear an item and clothing and put it back in the wardrobe, turn the hanger to face the other way. After six months, you’ll be able to see which items of clothing your regularly wear and which items are unworn and worthy of donating to the charity shop.

Start dressing more ethically

Another way to cut down your wardrobe could be to start thinking ethically. This could involve getting rid of synthetic fibers that aren’t eco-friendly such as those made of nylon fabric. It could alternatively mean getting rid of leather or wool that’s not been ethically sourced. Having a cause can make it easier to get rid of items that no longer meet your beliefs.

Opt for a minimalist wardrobe

You could consider dressing minimalist. This style centers around having a small range of clothing items that are interchangeable. Do away with wild patterns and novelty items and focus on basic designs using block colors. A great minimalist wardrobe is so effective that you can choose any two items and they’re certain to go together.

Hanging Branch Clothing Rack

Start renting clothing for special occasions

When it comes to boutique dresses for special events, start hiring clothing rather than buying it. This not only prevents novelty dresses from cluttering up your wardrobe, it can save you money – renting a dress usually costs a tenth of what it might cost buy it. Professional dress hire companies take care to thoroughly clean and press each dress so it feels like brand new.

Get help from a friend

Having a friend to help sift through your wardrobe could be beneficial – especially one that’s able to offer some brutal honesty and what clothes they think are worth keeping onto. Many people find when de-cluttering that it’s easier to have someone with them who can approach the clutter with a fresh eye. You may be sentimentally attached to certain items and a friend can help you to see these items of clothing for what they really are.

Downsize your wardrobe

If you’ve got a big wardrobe, this could be encouraging you to hoard clothing. Downsize to something smaller and this will force you to get rid of items and keep your collection to a certain size. You could even take the extreme measure of using a clothing rail – this prevents items from being hidden away and forgotten about.


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  1. Carmen says:

    Oh such a cute post! I love how you manage your wardrobe and it looks super clean. I like the renting idea for special occasions – I really think we’ll have this a lot more in the future!
    xx, Carmen – http://carmitive.com