Adding a Touch of Extravagance to Your Next Vacation

Vacations should be an extravagant experience. Jetting off to far off lands of sun, sea, and sand, checking out tourist attractions, and finding time for pure relaxation and recuperation. So it’s a shame that so many of us now settle for budget breaks with no add-ons. This is a time when you should be treating yourself and enjoying yourself to the max! After all, it only comes around once a year or even less for the busier amongst us. So, how do you go about adding a touch of extravagance to your upcoming vacation? Here are a few ideas to set you off in the right direction.

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Upgrading Your Flight

You can upgrade your flight in many ways: from adding a bottle of champagne to your package to reserving an entire flight for yourself. So, no matter what your means are, there’s some sort of way that you can make things just that little more special. Generally speaking, people will choose the cheapest option available when booking their flights. However, if you want a touch of extravagance, you should seriously consider flying business or first class. If you’re unsure about the difference between business and first class, don’t worry. We’ll clear things up for you here. First class is the best flying experience that money can buy on commercial flights, but it doesn’t differ too greatly from business class. Both are guaranteed high-quality meals (first being slightly more high class), both have roomier seating, and you will also have access to an airport lounge and faster check-in options than economy class. There are more flight attendants per individual in first class than business, which means faster and better service for the former. If you really want to go all out, consider hiring a private jet and search how much would it cost to rent a private jet. This is the height of air travel! Private jets mean that you and those you’re choosing to travel with are the only individuals on board. You receive the best service possible and often arrive to your destination faster thanks to not having to wait for others to go through airport security checks and board the flight. You can say goodbye to screaming and crying children and sit back and relax in the lap of luxury for the duration of your journey.

Add Extra Baggage

A surprising number of people travel with just hand luggage, especially when it comes to city breaks. But if you’re going to be staying somewhere for longer than a day or two, you really should consider adding on extra baggage. Why? Well, being able to take a larger suitcase along with you ensures that you can take absolutely everything that you need for a comfortable trip. Rather than having to re-wear or wash and dry clothes while you’re away, you can take enough outfits to tide you over for the duration of your trip. You can also take all of your toiletries in your main case without having to worry about liquid restrictions that are applied to hand luggage.

Dining Out

Now, the majority of us will automatically opt for all-inclusive packages when we go on holiday. This is an extremely common habit and for good reason. After all, it’s logical! You’re going to be away from home, and most hotels don’t have kitchens that their guests can use. Instead of having to fork out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in restaurants every day while you’re away, you can tuck into a buffet three times a day. All-inclusive can also save you a whole lot of money on drinks, snacks, and ice creams throughout the day as you relax around the pool on sun loungers. However, it’s always a nice experience to dine out for at least one night during your trip. Especially if you can find a high-quality restaurant with delicious food and good drink. Sure, you will have to pay for a meal that you already have included back at the hotel, but it will be a refreshing break from the usual routine. You can plan this before you go or while you’re away. Simply search for recommendations and reviews of eateries in your vacation location. Alternatively, you can ask at the reception when you arrive at your hotel. The receptionist are likely to have a whole list of different places depending on the type of food or experience that you’re looking for. This is also a brilliant opportunity to experience local food and culture!

A Spa Day

Most holiday resorts will have some sort of spa on site. So many people ignore this, which is such a shame. It’s definitely worth booking in for at least one treatment while you’re away. Sure, it may cost extra, but embrace the experience! This is your time to relax, after all. There are plenty of reasons to try out spa treatments while you are away. First, many of us don’t have time for a treatment amongst our usual nine to five routine, so now is the perfect opportunity. Second, they can have brilliant effects on your body. Simple things like exfoliating massages can even make your tan last for longer!

Private Day Trips

We all enjoy a day out to tourist attractions, but who wants to spend their day queuing and struggling to hear what your tour guide has to say from the back of a crowd of people. Instead, consider private day trips. These will often provide you with private transport to and from the site, a private guide who can talk you through the place’s history and context, and sometimes they even include queue jumps. This all allows you to experience the most of the day with the most convenience and comfort.

As you can see, there are various areas where you can actively improve your trip for a little extra cash. So, get saving and go all out! For many trips remember that this is perhaps the only time you’ll get to visit the location, so you want to fit in as much as you can while you are there and form the best memories!


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