I painted it black. I know how you don’t like normal things.

This has been a weird weekend. I’ve either been partying or in pajamas and nothing in between. Kendall is pretty badly under the weather so we’ve hunkered down and Netflixed and chilled. This included the first six episodes of American Horror Story: Cult. It’s good! 10/10 would recommend especially because this season is very Evan Peters heavy. He’s been a celebrity crush of mine since he was in Sleepover because he’s hilarious and adorable.

AHS Quote Digital Print

I have gotten really into the whole AHS franchise. Yea, it’s gory, but the characters have kind of a sweet sadness about them, even the “bad” ones. While Freak Show was my favorite season, my favorite moment was actually in Murder House between Tate (Peters) and Violet (Taissa Farmiga). He gave her a rose painted black because a normal rose just wouldn’t cut it.

So I thought it was adorable. Keeping with the Halloween theme for last week, and because we watched like 6 hours of AHS this weekend, I was inspired to do the above print. It’s now available in my shop.



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