It is still so weird to me that my friends are starting to pop out their own tiny humans. One of my sorority sisters is on baby 4 (twin boys, a boy after him, and finally a Phi Sig legacy!). My big just had her first and two of her closest friends have little ones too. My girl Kate, my bachelorette party buddy, had her Livvyboo almost a years ago. My close family friend, TJ, is expecting his baby girl any day now (I get to be a Tia Carolina!). And one of my bridesmaids is “not trying but also not NOT trying.” Kendall’s sister has probably one of the cutest babies ever to grace this planet. There’s no stopping it- we’re getting older and kids are being born and the circle of life and all that.

While Kendall and I are a few years away from wanting cubs of our own, I kind of love buying baby gifts for my friends and family. I can’t commit to a puppy, much less being responsible for a little tiny combo of us running around. But I can spoil the little ones who know me as Auntie Caro. There are certain things I like to get for the little ones who are slowly entering my life, and I thought I’d share them for those like me who don’t have their own but are starting to see more babies around.

Give Us This Day by Tasha Tudor was one of my favorites growing up. Whenever I say the Lord’s Prayer, I still think of the images from this book. I reserve this for my friends that I know are religious, but books are always a great option! Pat the Bunny is another favorite, as it’s interactive and a classic!

Sophie the teething giraffe is super popular, but I like the gift set that comes with something soft as well. Caro fact: I still sleep with the baby pillow my grandma gave me (it’s currently covered in mascara from a little meltdown) and sometimes something soft is all you need to help calm down.

As soon as I found out that my big was pregnant, I knew I needed to stock up on Burt’s Bees for baby because we were the Bee Fam in the house. A lot of their stuff is unisex, and this 24-piece newborn – 9 month bundle is a great starter set. Their Getting Started Gift Set is a great extra gift to add in because of the great travel sizes to throw into diaper bags.

I’m hoping to one day have both a boy and a girl, but I know that if you want to make God laugh then all you have to do is tell him your plans. I just always walk by baby clothes and I’m like AWWWWW. Clearly, I would have a ton of fun dressing a little girl in all the girly stuff like this Infant Girl’s Popatu Cupcake Tutu Skirted Bodysuit. However, there is something to be said for dapper baby boy outfits too, like the Carter’s 3-Pc. Bowtie, Shirt Bodysuit & Twill Pants Set. But babies need easy, relaxing clothes most of the time so I try to pick out set like the Carter’s 3-Pc. Cotton Sweet Bodysuits & Pants Set for girls or the Carter’s Little Baby Basics Boy 3-Pack Side Snap Bodysuits for boys.

Keep in mind for bigger items, like strollers, diaper bags, and furniture, that mama may have something specific picked out. Don’t be shy about asking for a registry or straight up asking exactly what they want. Those they’ll have to live with for quite a bit, so likely they want those items to look a certain way.

Have you started going to baby showers? How do you like to shop for expecting moms?


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  1. Ally Watson says:

    Sophie teething animals are my go-to! They are the best!!