Festive jumpsuit

Although technically Sarah‘s engagement party wasn’t a holiday party, it was a party during the holiday season so close enough, right?

Dani and I totally Lucy and Ethel-ed it the whole day. We met up for pics in the chilly morning, ran a couple errands in Georgetown, got a bite to eat, and off we went. One might think that a couple of girls who text mostly all day every day would run out of things to talk about and one would be wrong. We bounced around ideas for Bubbles & Bloggers, our own blogs, weddings, relationships, friendships- it was perfect girl time.

It was also the perfect excuse to wear my jazzy jumpsuit. It’s somehow comfy, elegant, and unexpected all in one. That’s why I wore it to NYFW last year. The jumpsuit is great base for an outfit to accessorize and doll up as necessary. This time around, I paired it with another one of my favorite jackets and leopard heels I’ve been waiting for a reason to wear. Plus I brought along my leopard loafers just in case I wimped out on heels. I didn’t because my little Steve Maddens were actually super comfy!

The party itself was held at Pippin Hill Farm and was absolutely lovely. Sarah was absolutely glowing and such a sweet hostess, making sure to introduce everyone. Her fiancé’s family hosted and there was a beautiful selection of wine, beer, and nibbles. The backdrop was really the icing on the cake and I would love to go back to spend more time there. Congrats Sarah + Gerald! I can’t wait to celebrate more with you both!

Outfit details:

Jumpsuit: Loft||Heels: Steve Madden||York Necklace: Stella & Dot||Betsey Johnson #Basic Pumpkin Spice Latte Mini Chain Strap Crossbody: Macy’s||Dainty sparklers bow studs||BB Dakota Women’s Peppin Drape Front Jacket, Army Green

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2 Responses to Festive jumpsuit

  1. Oh my goodness…how cute is your PSL purse?

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you! That was such a treat yoself moment but honestly I use it all. the. time. It’s great if you only need a few things.