Five Relaxing Vacations To Indulge In This Summer

Summer is almost upon us – the temperature’s soaring which means that we’re all thinking one thing: how do we escape our everyday lives and get out into the sun? Daydreaming about going on vacation is something that pretty much all of us have in common – and in this increasingly busy world it can be hard to find time to plan it out properly. But if you have vacation days and a little cash to spend, get online immediately to book the perfect relaxing vacation away from absolutely everything. Here are some of my tips for vacations you could take this summer…

Sunrise at the Beach

A Local Weekend

First of all, if you don’t have huge amounts of funds or vacation days, then why not try a local long weekend? A lot of us end up missing out on our local vicinity and everything that’s going on there because we’re constantly looking to other places for more exotic ideas and trips – but let’s face it, anywhere that you haven’t been before is an adventure, and finding a beautiful place on your own doorstep will fill you with happiness. You could enlist your partner, a friend or a family member to go with you – or you could just go along by yourself! Sling a couple of days’ worth of clothes in the back of your car and drive to the nearest tourist location that you’ve never been to. It could be Atlantic City, it could be Virginia Beach, it could be the lakes up in New Hampshire – no matter where you go, make sure that you have a list of things to do each day to make the most of your short vacation.

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A Cruise

Is there anything that’s more relaxing than spending a week sailing the high seas? (Actually, that makes it sound a bit like you’ll be a pirate for a week, which doesn’t sound very relaxing at all – all that climbing the rigging and and sword fighting and avoiding the first mate’s pet parrot…) A cruise is the best way to relax and get to see the world – and even better, you won’t have to plan it all out yourself like you would if you went on a road trip or on a backpacking adventure. Check out these cruise questions and answers if you aren’t really sure where to begin – there’s a huge variety of cruises that you could go on, from the clear blue seas of the Caribbean to the Yangtze River! You’ll also get the best in fine dining in the evenings on board the ship too – what could be better?

Welcome to our Beach House

A House By The Ocean

If you really want to chill out, then it’s time for you to rent a house by the ocean. Nothing more, nothing less. Go somewhere with great restaurants that won’t make you dress up too much when you go to them in the evenings. Take your dog, take your favorite person – or go alone with nothing more than your laptop to start writing the next great novel, or your kindle to finally get through that stack of mysteries that you always wanted to read. Spending some time somewhere quiet and beautiful is a great way to get your psychological health back into gear, which will help you get through the colder winter months excellently.

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A Trip With Friends

What could be better than going away with your friends? It’s one of the best possible ways to vacation – just make sure that you’ve agreed on budgets and where you all want to go and what you want to do before you go away, because let’s face it: nothing ruins a good vacation like bickering. Go somewhere where you can all enjoy eating out together in the evenings, drinking cocktails and going dancing – and take the time out to reconnect with each other. Friendships are harder to maintain when you’re an adult and school and college are over, but going away together is the best possible way to rekindle that spark.


Blue Hour in the Amalfi Coast

A Romantic City Break

Finally, why not be a tourist for a week and go to a city for a romantic break with your partner? NYC is beautiful over the summer, if incredibly hot – or you could go to Europe to take in the south of France or the Amalfi Coast for glorious sights and beaches in Italy, along with all the incredible pasta and pizza that you can force into your mouth. Going away with your partner will strengthen your relationship even more, and give you beautiful memories to share.

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