Get Your Friend A Meaningful Gift

Not everyone is easy to buy gifts for. This time of year is particularly difficult if your friends have a birthday sometime around Christmas – chances are, your gift-buying muscles will still be sore from December, and your mental reservoir of gift ideas will be completely drained. Luckily, there are absolutely still some gifts you can buy – check out these ideas below.

Think About Their Interests

More importantly than anything else, when you’re buying birthday gifts, you have to think about your recipient’s interests rather than your own. This might sound obvious but the truth is that a lot of people find it hard to see past themselves when they’re trying to choose things for other people. Even if you love reading, you need to accept that not everyone will love a beautiful copy of Anna Karenina, no matter how highly you recommend it. Instead, focus on what your friend really loves. If they love their car, get them an accessory for that like new floor mats or a Bluetooth music player. If they love music, get them a gift card to a ticket website. Think about what they really love to inspire your purchase.

kate spade new york Happy Bangle

Buy Them Jewelry

There’s very little that’s more personal and beautiful than jewelry as a birthday gift, particularly if it’s a special birthday like a fortieth. Make sure that you take your friend’s personal style into account when you’re selecting a piece – if they love delicate jewelry, go for something with a slim golden or silver chain and a small sparkly pendant, but if they like chunkier jewelry, why not go for something colorful and African inspired? For a really personal piece, go for a bracelet with charms on it. That means you’ll always know what you get them for future birthdays!

Gold monogram clutch – personalized leather purse

Personalize A Gift

Personalized gifts always feel like such a treat. Leather wallets and purses engraved with people’s initials are always loved and appreciated – as are leather cell phone cases, which can turn an often ugly piece of technology into something that looks a lot more classic and elegant. You could get your friend a newspaper from the day they were born – just make sure that nothing too terrible happened on that day first – or maybe even a personalized horoscope for the next year if they’re into astrology.

Take Them On An Experience

One of the most important things you can do to maintain a good, healthy friendship is to spend time together, but in this busy modern world, time is often what we have least of – and what we value the most. In that case, take your friend on an experience together so you can catch up and really enjoy being together. Go for afternoon tea at the nicest hotel near where you live, and indulge yourself on champagne, tiny sandwiches and strawberry tarts all afternoon. If your friend loves the theater, take them to see a play. If you’re not completely sure what to get them, then why not try out the local spa?


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