Getting The Designer Look For Less

If you have any interest in fashion at all, you have probably coveted a few designer pieces from time to time. The designer fashion world is very different from the high street fashion world, and not just regarding price. Designer pieces are expertly crafted and a huge amount of time and effort goes into production, marketing, and distribution. High street clothing, on the other hand, is produced on much more mass market scale. Hence it is cheaper and more accessible for most of us. But don’t resign yourself to the idea that you will never own a designer piece of clothing or a designer accessory in your life. There are actually plenty of tips and tricks that can help you snag the item of your dreams for a fraction of the price – read on to find out how.

Hunt for coupons

You may be under the impression that coupons are only for busy mothers of four who want to get an extra 30 cents of their bulk buy of washing powder. But in reality, you can get hold of coupons for just about everything – including designer goods! Visit a site such as to get money off some amazing products at well-respected stores. Sign up for email alerts, so you never miss a trick either.

Betseyville Betsey Johnson Women’s Naveah Gladiator Sandals via Target $44.99

Shop at designer collections

Buying straight from the designer isn’t the only way to get hold of some fancy branded goods. Many designers are now branching into the high-street market themselves, creating capsule collections that are readily available in department stores. The benefit of this? Most of these such collections come at a fraction of the price that a typical range would cost from the same designer. Some designers even collaborate as a one-off with a less high-end manufacturer, such as when Marc Jacobs designed a collection for Target. So, don’t disregard these capsule collections – they may not be 100% designer, but they’ll still look just as good.

Chanel Crystal Faux Pearl Earrings $375-estimated retail $695

Shop vintage

If there’s anything better than a brand new designer piece right off the runway, it’s a vintage piece that simply oozes class. Pay a visit to your local thrift store and see what goodies you can find – you would be surprised at a number of designer pieces that are simply cast away in someone’s trash! Spend a bit of time hunting through the rails, and you won’t be disappointed. Not only could you end up with something designer, but you could end up with something unique too.

Shop off season

Okay, so this isn’t the most practical way to go about updating your closet. But providing that most of your wardrobe is made up of inexpensive, high-street options, you should be able to get away with doing this for the odd designer piece. Look for designer swimwear in October and cashmere sweaters in June – you should be able to get it for up to half the price, as the retailer will simply need to shift the stock.


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One Response to Getting The Designer Look For Less

  1. Patricia says:

    I also like to shop Macy’s designer sales for discounts on brands that usually aren’t on sale! It’s a good way to get the looks without spending too much!