Gifts for her || stocking stuffers under $25

Stockings are HUGE in the Downing household. Literally. My grandma knitted giant, personalized stockings for most of the family, and my mom has found a few places over the years that make similar ones for family members who don’t have the originals. They’re such a big part of our Christmas morning routine, too. Wake up, tea + coffee, stockings, breakfast, the rest of the presents, and then we’ve recently started a tradition of a Christmas day movie and sushi. I love it. My dad and I fight over the real estate in my mom’s stocking, and last year he “forgot” to sneak in the gifts I got her. Yea, right, Daddy! My mom is the stocking expert though- it’s usually a nice mix of practical and little fun gifts, leaving the stockings overflowing onto our brick hearth. I’ll be sure to take a picture of the absurdly idyllic scene this year because it honestly just warms my heart that we have such a strong tradition.

My department at work also has a really nice tradition- we do a Secret Santa for whoever wants to be involved and then we go out for a lunch together. The gifts are all supposed to be capped at $25, and people are supposed to fill out a wishlist to help coworkers who aren’t sure what to get. Like my family, the small gifts tend to be a mix of sweet an practical.

Disclaimer: this may or may not be my submission for the accounting department’s Secret Santa wishlist. hehehe

Gifts for her stocking stuffers under $25 the carolove

1.Back Me Up! Mobile Charger||2.Mini Roller-Ball Fragrance – Vanilla Grapefruit||3.xox Trolls Glitter Cup with Straw||4.xox Trolls Have a Glitter Day Notebook||5.Square Stud Earrings Back Me Up! Charging Cord||7.Kate Spade New York Porcelain Nutcracker Ornament||8.5-pack Hair Elastics||9.Jacquard-weave Scarf||10.Donut Face Socks

11.Fringe Studio ‘Sparkle’ Faux Leather Zip Pouch||12.I am Freaking Cold sweatshirt||13.Fringe Hello Love Candle||14.Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste||

15.OPI 4-Pc. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Nail Lacquer Mini Set||16.Philosophy ‘pink Frosted Animal Cracker||17.Merkury Innovations Radiant In-Ear Headphones, White/Rose Gold||18.FOREVER 21+ Sleepy Face Mittens||19.Makeup Brushes Set – 8 PCS

20.Luxe Ribbon Crystal Necklace||21.Glass crystal pins||22.Popcorn Luggage Tag Set||23.Coffee Pods Original Donut Shop K-Cup pods 18ct||24.Rainbow highlighter



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