Harper’s Ferry

I’ll be honest, I originally planned to post today about designer dupes vs fakes but when I saw that today was not just Monday but Monday, September 11th, I couldn’t bring myself to post something so trivial.

I was in 7th grade when we were attacked. I’m almost positive that one of the planes flew over my school during our morning meeting. One of my favorite teachers told us that our world would be different from then on, and she was right. For the first time in my life, I was profoundly scared of something real and I, also for the first time, believed in evil.I started to really take in my surroundings, always scanning for danger and being more observant rather than bouncing along in the little aloof bubble that had always kept me safe, but I’m glad that my parents encouraged us to keep living our lives with an open mind and open heart.

One thing that sticks out for me was being at a hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania not long after and there being a huge banner in the lobby saying THANK YOU FOR TRAVELING. I think fear had really slowed down and scared away a lot of travel. I had, by this point in my young life, been across the country and across the Atlantic and seen a lot more of the world than most kids my age. It hadn’t even occurred to me that I should be too scared to want to leave my home. I love how even from state to state, the United States varies so vastly in the type of people, architecture, traditions, etc.

Kendall has shown me even more of the country recently, and we’re trying to make it a point to see places we’ve never seen before, to keep learning about this beautiful country we live in, even if it’s just a little day trip. I grew up going to Harper’s Ferry annually, and it was a pleasure to take him back there a couple weeks ago.

Harper’s Ferry, WV is about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of DC- a fairly easy drive and worth it. I have to say, I had never been there on a holiday weekend and it was a little packed, but not so bad that it hindered our little trip. We had a great lunch on a deck in the sunshine, enjoying the late summer day, did some hiking, and checked out some of the historical shops and sites. We went a little bit on a whim and with no plan, but you should definitely check out their Things To Do. Hint: it’s super interesting for Civil War buffs.

A high point for me was standing in the ruins of an Episcopal Church and imagining what it was like when it once stood. I highly recommend going for a weekend as there was a lot more to do that we couldn’t get to- mostly a lot more hiking. There are also river tours you can take, weather permitting of course, and I’d love to go tubing next summer!

Kendall and I took these pictures at Jefferson Rock, which was fun for me because I have so many pictures as a little kid at the same spot!

Do you have a spot you love to go to outside of the city? What trips do you love taking in this beautiful country we live in?



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