Keep Your Hands and Nails Looking Good Over Winter

It is just now cooling down a bit today here in DC and we know that the cold weather is on its way. Wearing mittens all winter long is never going to be the best thing for your hands all winter. They can help to protect your skin from cold, but it isn’t dealing with the root of the problem. So here is a quick and handy guide to help you deal with the winter temperatures and to help your hands and nails looking at their best.

the carolove Keep Your Hands and Nails Looking Good Over Winter
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There is a massive loss of moisture from our hands and nails in winter. The temperatures are more extreme; going from freezing cold outside to warm and toasty inside. Not to mention the extremes directly on our hands too. Holding a hot latte outside one minute, and then throwing snowballs the next. It is obvious to see that this can lose the moisture in your hands and nails. So look for ways to add moisture to your hands and nails, rather than take the moisture away. Nail polish removers that are acetone based can dry your nails out unfortunately, as well as washing up liquid, and alcohol-based sanitizers. So wear gloves if you’re doing the dishes and use plenty of moisturizer afterward, if you do need to use any of those products.

If you’ve got a nice sparkling diamond from somewhere like 77 Diamonds, then you’re going to want to keep it looking shiny. Not to mention that you want the hand it is on to be looking good too. So there are ways that can care for your hands and nails, as well as your jewelry. Olive oil can be a great natural way to add moisture to nails, and it won’t do any harm to your pretty jewels either. Lotions that contain urea are also a good way to go. It will help to keep moisture in the skin too. Using a hydrating cream is a good way to promote healthy nail growth too. Massage it into your cuticles, and it will help your nails to grow stronger. Another great way to get your hands, nails, and ring fingers looking good over the festive period.

An intensive treatment for your hands and nails is going to be a sure-fire way to lock the moisture in. So it is recommended that you do an intensive treatment around once a week. Soaking your nails in some lukewarm water for five minutes or so can be all that is needed. Then you could coat your nails in olive oil (or a specific cuticle oil). If you can, put your hands in cotton gloves for around an hour afterwards, to really feel the benefit of the treatment. You can usually get cotton gloves in most large manicure sets.

the carolove Keep Your Hands and Nails Looking Good Over Winter

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One last tip is to always have something on your nails. It is a myth that nails need to breathe. They can absorb oils, with or without polish on. But having a coat of armor on from polish or shellacs can really help to keep it away from water, which can dry out the nails more. Teamed with a cuticle oil, you should be good to go!


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