National Sunglasses Day

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I really don’t like National Whatever Days… until one comes up that I can get behind. Today, apparently, is National Sunglasses Day. I have been a sunglasses junkie since middle school, but I’ve recently become way more conscious of health and maintenance for my body so I only wear sunnies with UV protection. According to the Vision Council, 75% of Americans are concerned about UV exposure, but only 31% wear sunglasses every time they go outside. Honestly, seeing those numbers, I just think for shame! I think that both of those numbers should be 100%.

While, yes, it is important to take care of your eyes on National Sunglasses Day and every day, you don’t need to break the bank protecting those peepers. Sunglass Warehouse is the best place to start looking for shades to suit you.

  • All of their sunglasses come with UV400 lenses, so you can protect your eyes and look good doing it.
  • Until the 30th, you can use the code SUNGLASS20 for 20% off site wide at Sunglass Warehouse
  • Order before 2pm Monday-Friday EDT and they’ll get your new sunglasses in the mail that same day.
  • From aviators to sports styles, they’ve got hundreds of sunglasses priced at $20 or less.
  • If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they’ll give you a full refund.

How fab is all that? They really do have hundreds of styles for men and women, but I picked out just a few of my faves to share + get you started.

Fulton||Copa||Cape Cod||Jagger||Forrest||Mac||Dolorosa||Surrey||Lark


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2 Responses to National Sunglasses Day

  1. Kenzie says:

    So with you on National ______ day. But, I loved this one too! Great picks!

    • Caroline says:

      Thank you! Ya this one I can get behind because protect your eyes but how many National Cat Days do we need? lol