New year, new goals

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I’m not so sure I believe in New Year’s Resolutions, per say. I feel like that term has a bit of a negative connotation- associated with failed attempts to work out every day, for example.

This year, I’m making no resolutions, but goals. As I said in my Greenery gift guide, my number one goal is to become more fiscally responsible. I’m actually going to be a big girl and walk into PNC and have a chat with them. I put money from every paycheck into a 401K, and have that set to increase by 1% every year, but I’m kind of bad at saving. I also went a little overboard with Christmas shopping this year because I love giving gifts, so I want to see the best way to cut down on credit card debt. Am I nervous about talking to a stranger about my financial situation? A little. But that is what they are there for, so why not utilize that resource.

I also want to start saying no a little bit more if I need to. I remember another blogger telling me that she always caps herself at 2 events per week. Especially now that I’m really sharing a home with someone, that it something I can stick to. I’ve certainly come out of my shell more as a blogger this year, but no need to inundate myself with networking because I won’t be at my best if I’m strung out and stressed anyway.

I will continue working on my roar this year- my goal on the blog is usually 5 posts per week and an Instagram post a day. I’ll try by hardest to stick to that, but be kind to myself if I can’t. Once I hit 10,000 insta followers (I’m quite a bit away from that ATM), I’d like to start a small graphic t company. That won’t happen if I’m not posting enough quality content.

Professionally, I’m semi-looking to move careers to something more people based. I ‘d love to work in events, so I’ve been planning my own and trying to rock that. For example, I approached Mason Inn myself about and NYE party, connected them with a DJ, and I’m marketing the hell out of it. I actually told Sophie of Rosé Media that I was looking to get out of accounting and back into Comm and she told me to just start it as a side hustle and it’ll grow, so I’m just doing what I love and hoping I can one day make a career out of it.

Personally, I’d like to travel more. My dad got Kendall and I a GoPro, and we can’t wait to adventure more together and use it! I also have an unlimited CorePower membership- I want to get back to more yoga. I should be taking advantage- I always love how I feel after a good practice!

I’m so excited for 2017. What are your goals and plans?


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