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Remember last year when Bubbles & Bloggers took a field trip to my old neck of the woods to get some of that country fall goodness you can’t get in the city? Well, when we were at Rocklands, I picked up some farm fresh pork for Kendall and now we’re spoiled and the stuff from the grocery store just doesn’t cut it. Since this past weekend was so gorgeous, we decided to take a little field trip of our own.

Content warning: if you’re a vegetarian who has a problem with my purchasing farm-fresh meat, you might want to stop reading. Nothing graphic, I promise, but I do love eating meat, and I’m a huge fan of buying local.

I didn’t realize this because last fall we made other stops, but Rocklands Farm is only about 40 minutes outside of DC, with a gorgeous drive to get there. There’s plenty of parking, and the farm isn’t so massive that you feel overwhelmed- everything for visitors is pretty much contained. Because it was such a beautiful day, there were a ton of families enjoying the sunshine, wine, and nibbles from the market- lots of littles running around.

Since we were going to my parents’ for dinner after, I picked up a bottle of their Sandstone to take my dad, and some fresh flowers for my mom. You can check out all of their wines here.

Kendall had never been to Rocklands before so we carefully took our time selecting the cuts of pork to take home. While they don’t deliver, you can order your meats/ poultry online and select a designated drop-off spot to pick up your product. Another option is to sign up for the Rocklands Meat CSA, which is a club for pasture-raised, grass-fed & finished, nutrient-dense and humanely-raised meats. The meat CSA share includes a monthly selection of a diverse variety of cuts, flash-frozen & vacuum sealed, of beef, pork, lamb and chicken, varying month to month.  We considered it, but it’s so nice to get out of the city occasionally and hand-select whatever it is you want that I don’t know if we’ll end up doing that.

I clearly decided to go all country girl for mu outfit. I may be mostly city-fied, but I do love my fresh air and wide open spaces from time to time.

Outfit details:

Dress: Island Gypsy||Denim jacket: Target||Girls’ Betseyville Reece Floral Embroidered Cowboy Boots – Stone||Stella & Dot Stack: Melody Bracelet; Wishing Bracelet – Bisous; Wishing Bracelet – Protective Eye; Pavé Wishing BraceletHarmony Bracelet||Similar Coach bag


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