Little plaid riding hood

Saturday, 16 DC bloggers (and one more who met us there by car) hopped on a shuttle in DuPont Circle before 10am and headed out to the country for a day of fall fun. We started poppin’ bottles almost immediately, as more of us had brought a bottle of champs or two to share, and made our way to stop one, Butler’s Orchard.

I grew up going to Butler’s Orchard, so that leg of the trip was suggested by me. There a pictures of baby Caroline riding the ponies and sticking me face through wooden cutouts of ghosts and pumpkins. We used to always get our pumpkins there until my church started selling them. I remember always leaving with a fresh apple from their little produce market or a candy apple that I would eat all the goodies off of first, and not wanting to share my sweet potato fries from the bbq stand. It was, literally, like going home.

We couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day, and some of us did leave with pumpkins! I got a mini and two gourds to add to my little fall display at home. Roxanne and I both stopped pulled pork at the bbq stand, and I got to watch some of my friends take their first hayride. One highlight for me was meeting Tyler Butler. His family runs the show of what are some of my sweetest fall memories. (His mom makes the candy apples!) Saturday was special… just pure happiness. I’m sure you could see that if you saw my instagram.

Stop two was Rocklands Farm Winery & Market. I had never been to this farm, and Dani found it while organizing the trip. I’ve actually never been to a winery before *gasp* so I had no idea what to expect, but we did know there were animals and immediately some of us went to follow the sign “To The Piggies”.

Oh. My. Goodness. If you have never seen baby piglets in person, they are the size and fuzziness of  kittens! And the big ones snore in little whimpers, which is hilarious. Dani and I even got to talk to the mother of the owner, and she took us to one little guy who’d needed stitches and he seemed to be doing ok beside the cut- apparently very angry that crated rather than back with his mama.

We did the tasting inside the market, where there were two little bars set up. Not sure how they did it, but some of the girls managed two rounds. I personally loved the Sandstone, but you can check out all their wine info here. I also picked up some pork chops (am I horrible for doing that after lovin’ on the piggies?) for Kendall, fresh goat cheese, and fresh apple cider. Back on the bus for a bumpy ride home, cleaned the apartment, and heading back out to Laytonsville to spend the rest of the weekend with my family. Phew. What did you do this weekend? Did you enjoy the fall, y’all?  Huge thank you to Dani for organizing!

  img_0194 img_0180 img_0178 img_0177 img_0161        img_0189 img_0191 img_0188 img_0187 img_0184 img_0183 Cape: Amazon||Sunnies: ASOS||Cardigan: Island Gypsy||Jeans: American Eagle||Navy tee: Vineyard Vines||Boots: Hunter||Bag: c/o Urban Expressions use code CLOVE25 for 25% off your Urban Expressions purchase

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2 Responses to Little plaid riding hood

  1. Loved your cape…I’ve never ordered any clothing from Amazon, but maybe I might now! Also Sandstone was my favorite too, but I got the Honey Blossom b/c it was so unique and drinkable. Perfect crisp white for fall. Thanks again for suggesting Butler’s…I felt like a kid again!

  2. Anna says:

    Thanks for picking Butcher’s Orchard for our field trip, it was such a fun time!