Saturday shopping: “marshmallow” sweatshirts

Besides having my best friends living directly above me, one of the biggest things I miss about my sorority house was the epic coziness of it. The way I had my dorm room set up, my bed was a little nest in and of itself, but on a much bigger scale it was so nice knowing that whatever garbage weather New Jersey was throwing at us (and my school was build on a swamp), I could come in, strip down, put on something warm, and roam the halls in my comfy clothes knowing that I could take a nap just about anywhere. Rarely it was in my own room, to be honest. When you live with a few dozen girls, someone somewhere is watching a movie you can fall asleep to, since nobody got enough sleep the night before.

I specifically remember one night, and this is so random, that my sorority sister Joanne walked in after a date with her boyfriend. I was in the front stairs in a pink Rider hoodie and grey sweatpants and she was totally dolled up. She looked at me and was like, “I want to be wearing that. You looks like a marshmallow. Like you would bounce if you hit the ground.” I don’t know WHY I remember this, but I wear this combo of coze clothes to this day and I always think of it as my marshmallow outfit. Somehow that baby pink is so comforting. Who’s curling up in something pink and soft this weekend?

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One Response to Saturday shopping: “marshmallow” sweatshirts

  1. Kathrin says:

    The idea of a marshmallow outfit is so cute! Looks really comfy too…

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style