Spring Skincare

Did you know skincare should change with the seasons? Of course it should! As the weather changes, our skin needs different routines from us. When we go on holiday, we find ourselves wearing less make-up, leaving our hair as it’s natural wavy self and altogether being more as God intended us. There’s a reason for that. Not only is it less effort but it makes sense in the sun. So, as Spring finally appears, what do we need to change?

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Our poor faces have been riddled with cold weather and dry heat from inside heating and car heaters. It’s time to get the moisture back into our skin without it being sucked right back out. Go for a cream that has a healing or protective element to it. Moisturizers with vitamin E are perfect.

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Take Sunblock Everywhere

Our Spring months are becoming more and more unpredictable. It’s possible to have snow on the mountains and a heat wave in the same week these days. You never really know when you’ll need sunblock but it’s so important for your skin. Having the best sunblock for your face and neck areas when you’re out about will be handy.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

We’re often outside for longer during the Spring and Summer months. The days seem longer because we have more light and it’s much more fun. However, this means that we’re more likely to pick up additional grime and bacteria on our skin. Good cleansers and exfoliators will be vital to keeping your skin clean and glowing. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser twice a day, and exfoliate with a natural exfoliator three times a week.

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Eye Cream

Have you noticed yourself squinting a lot more recently? Or perhaps reaching for the sunglasses? Of course, we’re exposed to more sun this time of year which can mean our eyes take a battering. Investing in a decent eye cream will do those little black bags wonders. It will also work towards stopping any fine lines from developing. Top tip – Use an anti-wrinkle eye cream, no matter what age you are!

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Make-up Shopping

Now here’s one we can all get on board with! Make-up shopping! As the seasons change, so does our make-up. We tend to go for lighter tones and lighter foundations as the sun comes out. While you’re shopping, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to look for make-up that provides sun protection too. I just made sure my “everyday face” routine included an SPF since I know I’ll be out in the sun more.

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Updating Your Wardrobe

You may be wondering what that has to do with your skin routine, but a lot of your wardrobe does, especially your accessories. For example, a hat that covers your head and shades your neck will give you protection when the sun is out. Dodgy sun burns are not a good look and certainly not good for your health. Make sure you have suitable hats, sunglasses, shoes and cover-ups that will serve you well in any scenario.

No matter what you do to update your skincare for Spring, be sure to enjoy the season!

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