Sunnies under $25

I am downright abusive to my sunglasses. I step on them, throw them into multiple purses, scratch them up as soon as I get them, etc. BUT at least I’m self-aware enough to know that it would be total, utter nonsense to drop big money on something that will last a year at best (if I don’t lose them first).

I have two requirements for sunglasses- that they be under $25 for the above reasons and that they have 100% UV protection. I may like ’em cheap, but I very much enjoy my green eyes and I want to keep them safe. Fun fact: if you have light eyes, they actually require more sun protection. Now, the source for that is my friend Patrick so I’m not entirely sure how accurate that is or how it works, but any reason to protect yourself seems valid.

So keep those peepers safe from the sun this summer without breaking the bank. All my picks in these post are under $25 and reflect my current fave trends in the glasses world! (I also did make sure that these all offer UV protection!)

the carolove sunnies under 25

PINKS: 1.Betsey Johnson Women’s Round Brow Bar Sunglasses||2.Women’s Bp. 52Mm Cat Eye Sunglasses||3.Octangonal Metal Sunglasses – Rose Gold

TORTI: 4.AJ Morgan Hey Ya Sunglasses||5.Gradient Sunglasses with Tortoise Frame||6.Women’s Clubmaster Sunglasses – Tortoise/ Rosegold

HEARTS: 7.Heart Shaped Metal Sunglasses – Gold||8.Clubmaster Heart Shape – Tortoise||9.Vans – Heartacher Sunglasses Fashion Sunglasses

MARBLE: 10.Women’s Bp. 50Mm Sunglasses – White Marble/ Blue||11.AJ Morgan Hi There Sunglasses||12.Square Sunglasses for Women


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